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Our 5-10 minute online children’s bedtime stories, fairy tales, funny rhymes and fables all come with award-winning audio.

From short bedtime stories for kids to multiple story episodes in our original series collections, our kids bedtime stories are sure to make your little ones’ eyes sparkle with delight.

In our bedtime stories, children can explore the magical world of fairies and witches, brave knights, talking animals and more.

Our bedtime stories for kids feature an array of characters such as lovable princesses, funny frogs, gentle giants and wise wizards.

Your little ones will love settling down to experience these bedtime stories for themselves! And with our bedtime stories, you can rest assured that your children will be exploring a world filled with positive messages and fun adventures.

So whether you're specifically looking for a fairy tale or a rhyme, or maybe you just need some short bedtime stories. Take the stress out of bedtime by reading one of our bedtime stories for kids today!

The Three Little Pigs Cover
The Princess And The Pea Cover
Cinderella Cover
Candy King Cover
Goldilocks And The Three Bears Cover
Jack And The Beanstalk Cover
Hansel And Gretel Cover
Sooper Books Kentucky Fried Chicken Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Rapunzel Cover
The Three Billy Goats Gruff Cover
Sooper Books The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Sooper Books Rumpelstiltskin Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Weirdlife Episode 1 The Curdmonkey Cover
Dink And Donk Episode 1 All The Loud That's Allowed Cover
Monty Episode 1 The Flomble Traps Cover
Dumpling Episode 1 Mopping Budgemallows Cover
Go Nuts Episode 1 Operation Williwaw Cover Cover
Peter Pan Cover
The Ogglebogs: Episode 1 - Rocco And The Ogglebogs Cover
New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Cover
The Ogglebogs Christmas Special The Very Special Big Day Cover Cover
Nothing Scary Cover Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 12 A Surprise Day Cover Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 11 Space Water Cover  Cover
The Unicow Cover Cover
Help Get a Broom Cover Cover
A Breakfast Story Cover Cover
Next Year I'll Win Cover Cover
The Biscuit Thief Cover Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 10 Blobbo Floats Away Cover Cover
Flash The Fast Sloth Cover Cover
The Bookbag Copter Cover Cover
Schnitzel Cover Cover
Sick Day Cover
Sleeping Beauty Cover
Pinocchio Cover Cover
Gulliver's Travels Cover
Chicken Licken Cover
The Twelve Dancing Princesses Cover
Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves Cover
Thumbelina Cover
The Selfish Giant Cover
The Little Mermaid Cover
A Christmas Carol Cover Cover
Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Cover
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Cover
Beauty And The Beast Cover
Sooper Books Bird Girl Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Sooper Books Charlie Bryce Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Disco Spider​ Cover
Hercules And The Wagoner Cover
King Midas Cover
Little Red Riding Hood Cover
Sooper Books Mad Hair Day Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Puss In Boots Cover
Robin Hood​ Cover
Snow White And Red Rose Cover
Sooper Books The Ants Bedtime Story Cover Cover
The Brussels Sprout Cover Cover
Sooper Books The Bundle Of Sticks Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Sooper Books The Dog And His Reflection Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Sooper Books The Dog, The Rooster And The Fox Bedtime Story Cover Cover
The Elves And The Shoemaker Cover Cover
The Emperor's New Clothes Cover
Sooper Books The Enchanted Canary Bedtime Story Cover Cover
The Fast Lane Cover
The Fir Tree Cover
The Fox And The Grapes Cover
The Fox And The Stork Cover
The Frog Prince Cover
The Frog Who Wished For A King Cover Cover
Fairytale Bedtime Story Book Cover Cover
The Golden Goose Cover
The Golden Key Cover Cover
The Happy Prince Cover
The Hare And The Tortoise Cover Cover
The Marvellous Musician Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 2 Buckets Of Custard Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 3 Twinko Trips Over Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 4 The Stolen Ogglecakes Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 5 The Great Oggleberry Hunt Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 6 Ogglebogs At The Seaside Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 7 Ogglebogs Go Painting Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 8 An Ogglebog Zoo Day Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 9 An Ogglebog Birthday Cover
The Owl And The Grasshopper Cover Cover
The Pied Piper Cover
The Pig Wig Cover Cover
The Posh Rat  Cover
The Rooster And The Fox Cover
The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf Cover
The Spotless Ladybird Cover
Sooper Books The Toads Bedtime Story Cover Cover
The Tortoise And The Ducks Cover
The Town Mouse And The County Mouse Cover
The Ugly Duckling Cover
Tom Thumb Cover

Short bedtime stories for kids

We know bedtimes can be unpredictable, however a short bedtime story for kids can help create an easier bedtime routine. Reading before bed has been proven to help kids have a better sleep. Sooper Books has a range of short bedtime stories for kids, from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

We have a variety of categories that you and your kids can explore. From classic bedtime stories for kids such as Little Red Riding Hood to original series collections all written by our authors.

Our Bedtime Stories for Kids include stories inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen and Aesop fables.

Free bedtime stories

If you’re looking for bedtime stories to read for free, you’re in the right place. At Sooper Books you can find hundreds of free bedtime stories. We believe everyone should be able to access award winning, quality stories. That’s why we have bedtime stories free for all!

Bedtime stories to read online

Read bedtime stories online with ease at Sooper Books. We've evolved traditional books with modern technology. Sooper Books was created to easily integrate into modern day families so we optimised our bedtime stories to read online.

Parents can read our online bedtime stories or have the story read by our narrator.

Our range of kids bedtime stories can easily be read online in a matter of minutes. We also have audio recordings of each story, so your children can either listen or read along with the audio. Bedtime stories to read online are the perfect solution for those busy nights.

Bedtime stories to read online are a great alternative to physical books. With Sooper Books you can easily access and read quality bedtime stories from your computer, laptop, phone or tablet - wherever you may be!

Bedtime stories read aloud

All Sooper Books bedtime stories come read aloud by our Disney narrator. Explore our huge range of free audio bedtime stories for toddlers and children on Sooper Books. Parents wanting to learn how to read a children's story like a pro will be able to tell a good bedtime story after listening to a few Sooper Books narrations.

Types of bedtime stories

A bedtime story could be a fairy tale, a fable or any short story that isn't too scary. Our kid’s stories come in all shapes and sizes, from silly rhymes to slightly more complex storylines. Whether you need stories to make your little one laugh, think or simply get lost in a good old-fashioned bedtime story adventure – we’ve got it all!

Our story collection includes brave children, a variety of animals (including a scheming wolf or two) princesses, some long hair and many more family-friendly themes. Can you guess which stories we’re talking about?

Why do we write bedtime stories?

When we first decided to create a bedtime story for kids, we knew we wanted it to be fun, engaging and high quality. We wanted Sooper Books to bring children's publishing into the 21st century. We strongly believe that bedtime stories for kids need to fit seamlessly into modern family lives which is why our free bedtime stories are all online.

It began when we started writing stories for our own family. Then our friends and wider families asked for copies and we started to share Sooper Books with other children.

At Sooper Books we write, curate and narrate bedtime stories for kids so they can enjoy the best quality content, enchanting stories and magical adventures.

Bedtime stories promote a positive attitude to reading and instil a love of books in children from an early age.

Why are bedtime stories so important?

Bedtime stories are an ideal way to end the day, as they help ease children into a peaceful sleep. Bedtime stories are important because they help to create a calming environment, whether bedtime stories are read sitting down or in bed, they encourage us to slow down.

Studies have shown that reading as little as 6 minutes per day can improve our quality of sleep, reduce stress, and sharpen our mental ability. Read our blog on The benefits of reading just 6 minutes together for more of the science behind bedtime stories.

Reading doesn't just help children have a good night's sleep, it helps adults too.

We want bedtime routines to be a positive experience for children and parents alike. Our bedtime stories are designed to inspire imagination and creativity in our young readers.

With so many bedtime stories to choose from, you can always find the perfect bedtime story on Sooper Books.