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Things In Beards Animated Cover

The Things In Beards Rhyming Story

Ever wondered what is hiding in Grandpa's beard? It probably is not what you are expecting!

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Things In Beards

A grownup’s day of grooming deeds

Includes a list of facial needs.

A forehead scrub, a spot to squeeze,

An eyebrow pluck, a moustache tweeze.

A red spot being squeezed between fingers.

Folks do fuss, but I don’t care.

The truth is: cheeks and chins grow hair.

Some say shaving gives them rashes

(Quite the price for nice moustaches).

But we’re not here to ponder those

Fine hairs between the lip and nose.

I’d rather our attention steered

A bit more south - onto that beard!

Oh, beards! Oh, beards! Those happy furs.

A beard’s where all the fun occurs.

It catches crumbs of birthday cake

(A bit like leaves caught in a rake).

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