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Kids Audiobooks With Mother Characters

45 stories
The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids Audiobook Story Cover
The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids Audiobook4+

A cunning wolf tricks the kids. Can Mummy come to the rescue?

  • 12 mins
  • Free
The Airmail Audiobook Series6+

Delivery adventures with Solly Hogg. The gritty pig who wants to fly.

  • 9 episodes
  • 1 Free
Dumpling Series
The Dumpling Audiobook Series3+

Dreamy adventures in Fluffland with Bonnie and Sylvie Fields.

  • 10 episodes
  • 1 Free
The Disco Spider Audiobook Story Cover
Disco Spider Audiobook4+

A nasty accident leaves Disco questioning if he'll ever dance again.

  • 3 mins
A Goldilocks And The Three Bears Audiobook Story Cover
Goldilocks And The Three Bears Audiobook4+

A hungry little girl finds a cottage in the woods and wanders inside.

  • 11 mins
  • Free
A Jack And The Beanstalk Audiobook Story Cover
Jack And The Beanstalk Audiobook4+

A magic bean leads Jack to uncover a world he knew nothing about.

  • 13 mins
  • Free
The Candy King Audiobook Story Cover
Candy King Audiobook4+

Very strange things start happening when a boy eats too much candy.

  • 5 mins
  • Free
Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Audiobook Cover
Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Audiobook4+

Aladdin finds a rusty lamp in a cave. One rub and everything changes.

  • 8 mins
  • Free
The Bird Girl Audiobook Story Cover
Bird Girl Audiobook4+

When Kia finds out she can talk to birds a whole new world opens up.

  • 8 mins
A Breakfast Story Audiobook Cover
A Breakfast Story Audiobook4+

A fussy-eater decides he never wants porridge again. Or maybe he does?

  • 6 mins
The Three Little Pigs Audiobook Story Cover
The Three Little Pigs Audiobook4+

Which pig will be smart enough to escape the jaws of a hungry wolf.

  • 10 mins
  • Free
The Mad Hair Day Audiobook Story Cover
Mad Hair Day Audiobook4+

A freak bolt of lightning make a boys hair do very strange things.

  • 3 mins
A Peter Pan Audiobook Story Cover
Peter Pan Audiobook4+

A dreamy adventure with Peter and Wendy in mystical Neverland.

  • 6 mins
  • Free
The Princess And The Pea Audiobook Story Cover
The Princess And The Pea Audiobook4+

A peculiar experiment reveals the tenderness of a true princess.

  • 5 mins
  • Free
The Fast Lane Audiobook Story Cover
The Fast Lane Audiobook4+

A little hedgehog takes their road safety exam on a busy highway.

  • 5 mins
A Cinderella Audiobook Story Cover
Cinderella Audiobook4+

When her fairy godmother appears, all Cinderella's dreams come true.

  • 16 mins
  • Free
A Rapunzel Audiobook Story Cover
Rapunzel Audiobook4+

A princess trapped in a tower finds an ingenious way to escape.

  • 11 mins
  • Free
The Biscuit Thief Audiobook Story Cover
The Biscuit Thief Audiobook4+

An uninvited guest is helping themself to the family biscuit tin.

  • 5 mins
A Little Red Riding Hood Audiobook Story Cover
Little Red Riding Hood Audiobook4+

A girl goes to visit her Granny in the woods, but all is not what it seems.

  • 8 mins
  • Free
The Help! Get a Broom! Audiobook Story Cover
Help! Get Broom! Audiobook4+

Parents fight desperately to clean their son's out of control bedroom.

  • 3 mins
The Golden Goose Audiobook Story Cover
The Golden Goose Audiobook4+

A son discovers that kindness can lead to the most wonderful things.

  • 6 mins
  • Free
A Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme Audiobook Story Cover
Five Little Ducks Audiobook0+

Five little ducks wander off and mummy duck goes off to find them.

  • 1 mins
  • Free
The Unicow Audiobook Story Cover
The Unicow Audiobook6+

Animal-lover Sophia arranges a camping trip she'll never forget.

  • 14 mins
A Rumpelstiltskin Audiobook Story Cover
Rumpelstiltskin Audiobook4+

A boy is landed with an impossible choice by a not-so-careful elf.

  • 11 mins
  • Free
A Snow White & Red Rose Audiobook Story Cover
Snow White And Red Rose Audiobook4+

There's a knock at the cottage door, but who or what could it be?

  • 7 mins
  • Free
The Ugly Duckling Animated Cover
The Ugly Duckling Audiobook4+

Cast out on his own, will this "duckling" every find his place?

  • 6 mins
  • Free
A Tom Thumb Audiobook Story Cover
Tom Thumb Audiobook4+

Things go wrong when Tom decides to follow his father to work.

  • 6 mins
  • Free
A Christmas Carol Audiobook Portrait Cover
A Christmas Carol Audiobook4+

A beastly boss is visited by three ghosts on Christmas eve.

  • 8 mins
  • Free
The Golden Key Audiobook Story Cover
The Golden Key Audiobook4+

When a boy shows kindness to a stranger the magic begins.

  • 6 mins
  • Free
The New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Audiobook Story Cover
New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Audiobook4+

After begging her parents to let her stay up late, they finally agree.

  • 5 mins
Airmail Christmas Special Solomon Hogg And Father Christmas Cover. Solly the pig is on his flapicycle wearing a red Christmas jumper and reindeer antlers.
Airmail Christmas Special Audiobook6+

Solly's original story reading is at risk as his postal duties pile up.

  • 12 mins
The Airmail Audiobook Story Series: Episode 3 - Sheep Salon  Cover
Airmail: E3 - Sheep Salon Audiobook6+

There's been a delivery mix-up wreaking havoc at the hairdressers.

  • 9 mins
The Airmail Audiobook Story Series: Episode 7 - UnBEARable Cover
Airmail E7 - UnBEARable Audiobook6+

A customer is demanding more than a busy delivery-pig can offer.

  • 9 mins
The Airmail Audiobook Story Series: Episode 8 - Flying Squirrel Cape Cover
Airmail E8 - Flying Squirrel Cape Audiobook6+

Solly takes some inspiration from a flying children's TV character.

  • 9 mins
The Airmail Audiobook Story Series: Episode 9 - Pig In A Blanket Cover
Airmail E9 - Pig In A Blanket Audiobook6+

Solly is under the weather and brain fog is hampering his deliveries.

  • 13 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 1 - Mopping Budgemallows Cover
Dumpling E1 - Mopping Budgemallows Audiobook3+

Bonnie arrives in Fluffland and Whistlecrisp gets her straight to work.

  • 9 mins
  • Free
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 2 - Spaghetti Bridge Cover
Dumpling E2 - Spaghetti Bridge Audiobook3+

Bonnie is brought in to help when spaghetti bridge keeps breaking.

  • 9 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 3 - Macaroon Cover
Dumpling E3 - Macaroon Audiobook3+

There's a new arrival in Fluffland and Bonnie can't believe it.

  • 8 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 4 - Goose on the Loose Cover
Dumpling E4 - Goose on the Loose Audiobook3+

Someone is destroying all the goose-feather pillows in Fluffland.

  • 8 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 5 - Tortoise Road Cover
Dumpling E5 - Tortoise Road Audiobook3+

Bonnie tries to figure out why the road of tortoises is all jumbled up.

  • 9 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 6 - Marshmallow Contest Cover
Dumpling E6- Marshmallow Contest Audiobook3+

Bonnie enters Fluffland’s infamous marshmallow sculpture contest.

  • 10 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 7 - Mind The Gap Cover
Dumpling E7 - Mind The Gap Audiobook3+

Something has been eating parts of the Fluffland ice cream ski ramps.

  • 11 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 8 - Rabbit Rabbit! Cover
Dumpling E8 - Rabbit Rabbit! Audiobook3+

Unwanted guests are pushing rabbits out of their holes in Fluffland.

  • 9 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 9 - When Cakes Need Caution Cover
Dumpling E9 - When Cakes Need Caution Audiobook3+

Bonnie is required when Whistlecrisp chips a tooth on some cake.

  • 11 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 10 - Pungle! Cover
Dumpling E10 - Pungle! Audiobook3+

Bonnie and Sylvie are recruited to compete in a marshmallow contest.

  • 12 mins