A boy who eats sweets morning, noon and night. So many , in fact, some very strange things start happening. The big question is will the doctor be able to cure him? Candy King is all about the dangers of greed and consequence, perfect for children who may need a little help understanding moderation. The boy's excessive sweet consumption leads to some very nasty consequences and in the end he learns the valuable lesson about eating healthy foods. 
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Is Candy King Audiobook a bedtime story?

This funny rhyme is a great way to end the day for your little ones. It’s a short rhyming poem at just 5 minutes long - perfect for when you have little time or when they ask for “just one more, please!”

This is one of our most popular rhymes and has been loved by families ever since we published it. The story comes with a gentle warning to kids who like to eat too much candy!

Can you listen to Candy King for free?

Yes! You can listen to Candy King for free. We felt that there weren’t enough high quality stories and poems for kids that were free, so we decided to change that with the Sooper Books rhyming poems category. 

Is there a written version of Candy King?

Candy King is also available in written format with award winning illustrations.