Kids Audiobooks With A Mouse

17 stories
The Gingerbread Man Audiobook Story Cover
The Gingerbread Man Audiobook4+

The race is on to catch a fast-running biscuit that has sprung to life.

  • 5 mins
A Cinderella Audiobook Story Cover
Cinderella Audiobook4+

When her fairy godmother appears, all Cinderella's dreams come true.

  • 16 mins
The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse Audiobook Story Cover
The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse Audiobook6+

A country mouse learns an important lesson on a trip to the city.

  • 4 mins
The Unicow Audiobook Story Cover
The Unicow Audiobook6+

Animal-lover Sophia arranges a camping trip she'll never forget.

  • 14 mins
The Charlie Bryce Audiobook Story Cover
Charlie Bryce Audiobook4+

Chaos in the classroom when a louse jumps out of Charlie's hair.

  • 2 mins
A Sleeping Beauty Audiobook Story Cover
Sleeping Beauty Audiobook4+

A witches curse puts a princess to sleep for a hundred years.

  • 6 mins
Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Audiobook Cover
Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Audiobook4+

Aladdin finds a rusty lamp in a cave. One rub and everything changes.

  • 8 mins
The Tortoise And The Ducks Audiobook Story Cover
The Tortoise And The Ducks Audiobook6+

A bored tortoise wants to fly, but soon he learns an important lesson.

  • 4 mins
The Help! Get a Broom! Audiobook Story Cover
Help! Get Broom! Audiobook4+

Parents fight desperately to clean their son's out of control bedroom.

  • 3 mins
Hickory Dickory Dock Nursery Rhyme Audiobook Story Cover
Hickory Dickory Dock Audiobook0+

A classic nursery rhyme about a mouse running up a striking clock.

  • 2 mins
An Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Audiobook Story Audiobook Cover
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Audiobook4+

Alice goes on a magical adventure. But is it all a wonderful dream?

  • 6 mins
An Old Macdonald Had A Farm Nursery Rhyme Audiobook Story Portrait Cover
Old Macdonald Had A Farm Audiobook0+

A classic nursery rhyme exploring all the animals on Old MacDonald's farm.

  • 4 mins
Airmail Christmas Special Solomon Hogg And Father Christmas Cover. Solly the pig is on his flapicycle wearing a red Christmas jumper and reindeer antlers.
Airmail Christmas Special Audiobook6+

Solly's original story reading is at risk as his postal duties pile up.

  • 12 mins
The Fir Tree Audiobook Story Cover
The Fir Tree Audiobook4+

This festive tale follows the journey of one very excited fir tree.

  • 7 mins
Airmail Episode 2 China Shop Animated Cover. A brown bull sniffs a package Solly the pig is holding.
Airmail: E2 - ChinaShop Audiobook6+

Mr Bull has ordered a parcel to his china shop. Will it arrive safely?

  • 10 mins
The Dumpling Audiobook Series: Episode 2 - Spaghetti Bridge Cover
Dumpling E2 - Spaghetti Bridge Audiobook3+

Bonnie is brought in to help when spaghetti bridge keeps breaking.

  • 9 mins
The Weirdlife Audiobook Story Series: Episode 1 - The Curdmonkey Cover
Weirdlife: Episode 1 - The Curdmonkey Audiobook6+

The curdmonkey is on a special mission to feed her hungry babies.

  • 8 mins