Kids Audiobooks About Bravery And Courage

18 stories
Posh Rat Series
The Posh Rat Audiobook Series6+

Adventures in London's UnderUnderground with Reginald Twitch.

  • 10 episodes
The Airmail Audiobook Series6+

Delivery adventures with Solly Hogg. The gritty pig who wants to fly.

  • 10 episodes
The Spotless Ladybird Audiobook Story Cover
The Spotless Ladybird Audiobook4+

A ladybird learns an important lesson when she tries to fit in.

  • 3 mins
An Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Audiobook Story Audiobook Cover
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Audiobook4+

Alice goes on a magical adventure. But is it all a wonderful dream?

  • 6 mins
The Three Billy Goats Gruff Audiobook Story Cover
The Three Billy Goats Gruff Audiobook4+

The billy goats need across, but a greedy troll guards the bridge.

  • 10 mins
The Disco Spider Audiobook Story Cover
Disco Spider Audiobook4+

A nasty accident leaves Disco questioning if he'll ever dance again.

  • 3 mins
The Fast Lane Audiobook Story Cover
The Fast Lane Audiobook4+

A little hedgehog takes their road safety exam on a busy highway.

  • 5 mins
The Schnitzel Audiobook Story Cover
Schnitzel Audiobook4+

A gang of street dogs get suspicious when Schnitzel goes missing.

  • 3 mins
The Toads Bedtime Audiobook Story Cover
The Toads Audiobook4+

A polar bear gives Mr and Mrs Toad something to think about.

  • 3 mins
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Audiobook Story Cover
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Audiobook4+

Dorothy is whisked away on an adventure to a magical land.

  • 12 mins
An Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves Audiobook Story Cover
Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves Audiobook4+

Ali finds forty theives stealing gold and jewels. But will he stop them?

  • 8 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 1 - A Rat Of Many Colours Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 1 - Rat Of Many Colours Audiobook6+

Barnes introduces us to "Poshy" and London's UnderUnderground.

  • 10 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 2 - Crocodile Shock Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 2 - Crocodile Shock Audiobook6+

There's news of a large, green intruder in the canal tunnels.

  • 9 mins
Airmail Episode 2 China Shop Animated Cover. A brown bull sniffs a package Solly the pig is holding.
Airmail: E2 - ChinaShop Audiobook6+

Mr Bull has ordered a parcel to his china shop. Will it arrive safely?

  • 10 mins
The Airmail Audiobook Story Series: Episode 4 - The Pollen Parcel Cover
Airmail E4 - The Pollen Parcel Audiobook6+

Solly gets himself into trouble with the bees during a special delivery.

  • 9 mins
The Airmail Audiobook Story Series: Episode 6 - Tight Rope  Cover
Airmail E6 - Tight Rope Audiobook6+

Solly must cross a tightrope to deliver Ms Sloth’s fragile tea set.

  • 8 mins
The Airmail Audiobook Story Series: Episode 8 - Flying Squirrel Cape Cover
Airmail E8 - Flying Squirrel Cape Audiobook6+

Solly takes some inspiration from a flying children's TV character.

  • 9 mins
The Ogglebogs Ep33 Portrait Cover Audiobook
The Ogglebogs E33 - The Bad Storm Audiobook3+

The Ogglebog friends are on a picnic when they encounter a fierce storm.

  • 10 mins