Fairy Tales

Welcome to the world of fairy tales with Sooper Books! We have a great selection of classic and reimagined fairy tales that will transport your little ones into an enchanting world full of magic and adventure.

From the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales to modern retellings, these stories will captivate readers of all ages with their timeless themes and messages.

So come on a journey with us today and experience why fairy tales have stood the test of time for centuries!

Read fairy tales inspired by The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and Aesop fables. We’ve given these classic fairy tale stories a modern makeover, which are becoming fast favourites.

Fairy tales are part of our bedtime story collection. Despite the name they don't all include fairies, fairy tales tend to be based on folk tales and don't forget most include the famous line '...and they lived happily ever after'.

Are you looking for a fairy tale with a magic mirror, a fairy godmother or talking animals? Discover why fairy tales are so captivating for all ages.

Fairy tales are a fun way to introduce young readers to some of the well-known folk stories and literature.

Dive into fantastic worlds and read beloved stories such as Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and more. Enjoy fairy tales full of magical creatures like elves, mermaids and a Wicked Witch!

Jump into the kingdom of fantasy and adventure and follow the characters on their adventures. Meet royalty, magical creatures and even dragons as you explore these classic tales.

Along the way be sure to collect treasure in the form of wisdom, lessons and understanding. Fairy tales will give you an insight into a world of mystery, intrigue and imagination that comes alive with every turn of the page.

So, are you ready for a fairy tale adventure? Let's go!

Animated Three Little Pigs Bedtime Story Book Cover Cover
Animated The Princess and the pea bedtime story children's book cover Cover
Animated Cinderella bedtime story kids book cover Cover
Animated Goldilocks And The Three Bears bedtime story children's book cover Cover
Animated Jack and the beanstalk bedtime story children's book cover Cover
The mean woman dangles Hansel and Gretel Cover
Animated Rapunzel bedtime story children's book cover Cover
Animated The Three Billy Goats Gruff Story Cover Cover
Sooper Books The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids Bedtime Story Children's Book Cover Cover
Rumpelstiltskin is dressed from head to toe in purple, dancing from one leg to the other, playing the banjo. Cover
Animated Sleeping Beauty Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Pinocchio is standing on a table, balancing on one leg, waving, while Geppetto is peeking his head above the table top. Cover
The Twelve Dancing Princesses Cover
Animated Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves bedtime story children's book cover Cover
Thumbelina Cover
Animated Peter Pan bedtime story children's book cover Cover
The Selfish Giant Cover
The little mermaid bedtime stories animated children's book cover Cover
Animated Aladdin and the magic lamp bedtime story children's book cover Cover
Beauty And The Beast Cover
King Midas Cover
Little Red Riding Hood Cover
Animated puss in boots bedtime story children's book cover Cover
Snow White And Red Rose Cover
The Elves And The Shoemaker Cover Cover
The Emperor's New Clothes Cover
Sooper Books The Enchanted Canary Bedtime Story Cover Cover
The Frog Prince Cover
Animated Fairytale Bedtime Story Book Cover Cover
The Golden Goose Cover
The Happy Prince Cover
The Marvellous Musician Cover
The Pied Piper Cover
The Ugly Duckling Cover
Tom Thumb Cover

Fairy Tales For Kids

These fairy tales have been carefully crafted to bring joy and laughter. Kids can explore these fairy tale adventures without fear, as they are updated versions of traditional fairy tales with a positive message. Kids will be enchanted by fairy tales about friendship, bravery and good triumphing over evil. Our fairy tales have happy endings and moral lessons.

Kids will love these timeless classic stories that are sure to make any bedtime or story time even more fun. Enjoy all the magical storylines, creatures and adventures – one tale at a time.

Discover why fairy tales are so captivating for kids of all ages and let your child's imagination run wild! Let the magical world of fairy tales for kids inspire them and bring smiles to their faces!

Dive into these classic stories that have been given a modern makeover and have fun with these beloved personalities and timeless tales. Read these enchanting tales to your kids and let them experience the magic of fairy tales!

Classic Fairy Tales

For readers looking for something different, fairy tale retellings offer a fresh perspective on the nation's favourite fairy tales. Take a journey through the magical realm of fairy tales with these modernised novels. Meet familiar characters such as wicked stepmothers and brave princesses in these reimagined stories. You’ll find a queen and princess themed story as well as a king ruling their kingdom.

Discover classic tales like The Frog Prince and Red Riding Hood with a modern twist. As well as classic stories such as Rapunzel, the seven dwarfs and Beauty and the Beast.

Revisit famous fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and more! Whether you are looking for a happy-ever-after ending or an unexpected twist, find it in these classic stories!

Then follow the adventures of the seven dwarfs, the big bad wolf or the three little pigs.

One of the most beloved fairy tales is that of gingerbread man. This tale follows a gingerbread man on his adventure to escape from the king's kingdom and avoid being eaten by foxes, hungry cows and even a troll!

The gingerbread man manages to stay one step ahead until he meets a sly old fox who outsmarts him in the end. The gingerbread man teaches children to be brave, determined and never give up.

Fairy tales have always been a source of entertainment, wonder and amazement for generations. So why not take a journey into these magical realms with gingerbread men and wicked witches?

All of our fairy tales have a modern twist, happy endings and magical creatures. From villains to heroes – fairy tales have something for everyone!

Enjoy reading fairy tales with your children today and relive these classic stories passed down over centuries.

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

The Grimm brothers collected and told some of the most well-known German fairy tales. The Grimm fairy tales are full of magical creatures, good deeds and brave heroes who overcome adversity and come out triumphant in the end! The Grimm fairy tales have been passed down through generations, each new version bringing something new to the classic story. 

Grimm fairy tales wrote stories such as Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and the sleeping princess - of which have been adapted many times over the years.

With so many fairy tales to choose just one fairy tale. From classic Brothers Grimm stories like Cinderella and Snow White to lesser-known tales like The Goose Girl and The Wolf And The Seven Young Kids, the Grimm fairy tales will take your imagination on an adventure. 

Enjoy these classic fairy tales reimagined for a modern audience.

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales

Our fairy tales, such as The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling, are each based on an Andersen fairy tale and have been adapted by Sooper Books. The Andersen fairy tales come with a message. These fairy tales are often seen as cautionary folk tales, but they were actually created to bring hope and joy - a reminder that even the most unlikely characters can find a happy ending.

Explore our unique collection of classic fairy stories with a modern twist and enjoy our Hans Christian inspired fairy tales full of magic, friendship and courage!

What is a fairy tale?

A fairy tale is a traditional children’s story that typically includes imaginary creatures and magic. A fairy tale usually teaches a moral or life lesson. Fairy tales are often passed down orally from generation to generation and can take many forms, including folktales, fables, parables, myths and legends. What makes a fairy tale unique is its magical elements and the use of imagination.

Fairy tales remind us that anything is possible and encourage children to use their imaginations. Fairy tales also provide comfort, teaching kids lessons about courage and morality. Fairy tales have been around for centuries and will continue to captivate readers for years to come!

Fairy tales have the power to transport your child into a world of adventure and imagination that will stay with them for years to come! So why not take a journey through the magical world of fairy tales? Come on a fairy tale adventure with us, and let your little one explore the amazing world of fairy tales!

Why are fairy tales popular?

Fairy tales are popular because they are timeless stories with universal themes. They can be enjoyed by both children and adults, as the same story can have different meanings for different audiences. Fairy tales provide comfort and security, as there is always an element of good triumphing over evil. They also offer readers a sense of escape from their everyday lives and a chance to explore magical new worlds.

For children, fairy tales can provide an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Enjoy a fun-filled adventure with Sooper Books’ selection of classic and reimagined fairy tales! Our fabulous stories will captivate young and old alike with their magical elements, inspiring them to believe anything is possible - even happy endings!

So come on a journey of imagination and discover why fairy tales have been so popular for centuries. You’ll be saying ‘...and they lived happily ever after!' together in no time.

Happy reading!