The Story Of Rumpelstilskin

Fairytale    4-10 yrs    10 mins  •  4.9/5

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Rumpelstiltskin Story - Chapter 1

Rumplestiltskin and the golden castle with a pure gold moat and golden swans

Upon a hilltop stood a golden castle.

The castle—and all of its contents—were made from pure, twenty four carat gold. Even the moat surrounding the castle was filled with liquid gold, upon which swam the most glorious golden swans.

In the castle lived a Queen. A greedy, beastly woman loathed by her entire kingdom. This should not come as a surprise as she cared only for one thing—her precious gold.

One morning came a knock at her chamber door.

‘Entaah,’ she cried.

A skinny servant boy entered carrying a large scroll. He opened the scroll and began to read.

‘A message from the mines, Ma’am,’ he said, then paused and shuffled nervously on the spot.

The Queen stared at him, impatiently.

‘Go on, boy!’ she blurted.

‘Ummm. Well, it just says all the gold is gone, Ma’am,’ he replied, turning the scroll to show the Queen.

‘Poppycock!’ roared the Queen, ‘this simply cannot be!’

The greedy queen who lived for gold and riches.

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