Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale Bedtime Stories Cover

The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood

Fairytale    4-10 yrs    10 mins  •  4.9/5

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Little Red Riding Hood Story - Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a great forest.

By the forest there was a small house. And in the house lived a man, a woman and their little daughter.

One day, the woman—who was an extremely handy seamstress—made her daughter a beautiful scarlet cloak and hood. The girl loved the cloak. She wore it so often that, from that day forward, she became known as Little Red Riding Hood.

Little red riding hood jumping in a puddle

‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ said the mother, ‘would you be so kind as to take some freshly baked bread, butter and a fruit cake to your Grandmamma?’

‘I’d be delighted to, Mother,’ said Little Red Riding Hood, ‘but it has been such a very long time since I have seen Grandmamma. I fear that I shall not recall where she lives or even what she looks like.’

‘My dear,’ replied the mother, ‘once you get going you’ll be sure to remember the way.

Little Red Riding Hood set off into the heart of the forest. She carried a wicker basket—lined with a red and white checkered cloth—filled with her Grandmother’s goodies.

She sang softly as she hopped along the forest path and watched the world go by.

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