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Kids Audiobooks About Identity

30 stories
Posh Rat Episode 10 Portrait Cover
Posh Rat: E10 - Tong-Tied! Audiobook6+

Father Twitch loses a beloved family object.

  • 12 mins
  • New
The Airmail Audiobook Series6+

Delivery adventures with Solly Hogg. The gritty pig who wants to fly.

  • 10 episodes
  • 1 Free
The Brussels Sprout Audiobook Story Cover
The Brussels Sprout Audiobook4+

Who will be crowned the most popular veggie this Christmas?

  • 4 mins
Posh Rat Series
The Posh Rat Audiobook Series6+

Adventures in London's UnderUnderground with Reginald Twitch.

  • 10 episodes
  • 1 Free
A brown octopus wearing a pink and white apron around his waist and a pink pig wearing a yellow jacket are waving in front of a blue sky with white clouds.
Airmail: E1 - Ice Cream Octopus Audiobook6+

Solly needs to think fast when his ice cream delivery turns to milk.

  • 9 mins
  • Free
The Schnitzel Audiobook Story Cover
Schnitzel Audiobook4+

A gang of street dogs get suspicious when Schnitzel goes missing.

  • 3 mins
The Beauty And The Beast Audiobook Story Cover
Beauty And The Beast Audiobook4+

A lady is sent to live with a beast. Can she unlock his secret?

  • 8 mins
  • Free
The Flash, The Fast Sloth Audiobook Story Cover
Flash, The Fast Sloth Audiobook4+

Flash is training for a very important race, but who will it be against?

  • 4 mins
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Audiobook Story Cover
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Audiobook4+

Dorothy is whisked away on an adventure to a magical land.

  • 12 mins
  • Free
The Little Mermaid Audiobook Story Cover
The Little Mermaid Audiobook4+

A mermaid who is interested in humans helps a prince in trouble.

  • 6 mins
  • Free
The Mad Hair Day Audiobook Story Cover
Mad Hair Day Audiobook4+

A freak bolt of lightning make a boys hair do very strange things.

  • 3 mins
The Princess And The Pea Audiobook Story Cover
The Princess And The Pea Audiobook4+

A peculiar experiment reveals the tenderness of a true princess.

  • 5 mins
  • Free
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Cover
The Posh Rat Audiobook4+

The original rhyme behind our smash hit story series "Posh Rat".

  • 3 mins
The Tortoise And The Ducks Audiobook Story Cover
The Tortoise And The Ducks Audiobook6+

A bored tortoise wants to fly, but soon he learns an important lesson.

  • 4 mins
  • Free
A Little Red Riding Hood Audiobook Story Cover
Little Red Riding Hood Audiobook4+

A girl goes to visit her Granny in the woods, but all is not what it seems.

  • 8 mins
  • Free
The Pig Wig Bedtime Audiobook Story Cover
The Pig Wig Audiobook4+

Bigsby is sad that he doesn't have hair, so he decides to go shopping.

  • 3 mins
A Thumbelina Audiobook Story Cover
Thumbelina Audiobook4+

A girl as small as a thumb goes on a great big, magical adventure

  • 7 mins
  • Free
The Ugly Duckling Animated Cover
The Ugly Duckling Audiobook4+

Cast out on his own, will this "duckling" every find his place?

  • 6 mins
  • Free
The Spotless Ladybird Audiobook Story Cover
The Spotless Ladybird Audiobook4+

A ladybird learns an important lesson when she tries to fit in.

  • 3 mins
The Dink And Donk Audiobook Series: Episode 5 - A Visitor to Husharoon Cover
Dink And Donk E5 - Visitor to Husharoon Audiobook3+

Donk crashes a special ceremony on Husharoon. Will he be too loud?

  • 10 mins
The Dink And Donk Audiobook Series: Episode 6 - Tom's Coming Too Cover
Dink And Donk E6 - Tom's Coming Too Audiobook3+

Dink, Donk and Tom have difficulty getting cinema tickets.

  • 11 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 1 - A Rat Of Many Colours Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 1 - Rat Of Many Colours Audiobook6+

Barnes introduces us to "Poshy" and London's UnderUnderground.

  • 10 mins
  • Free
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 2 - Crocodile Shock Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 2 - Crocodile Shock Audiobook6+

There's news of a large, green intruder in the canal tunnels.

  • 9 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 3 - Whiskery Business Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 3 - Whiskery Business Audiobook6+

A rogue trader is in town selling a range of dodgy products.

  • 10 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 4 - Portrait Of A Rat Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 4 - Portrait Of Rat Audiobook6+

Poshy and Barnes accidentally destroy one of Father’s paintings.

  • 8 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 5 - A Mole In One Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 5 - Mole In One Audiobook6+

Things go missing when Barnaby moves into the Twitch mansion.

  • 9 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 6 - Tennis Lemons Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 6 - Tennis Lemons Audiobook6+

A parade is interrupted when Barnes' latest invention goes wrong.

  • 9 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 7 - Kittens Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 7 - Kittens Audiobook!6+

Furry felines are scaring the rats silly in the Underunderground.

  • 10 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 8 - Flea For All Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 8 - Flea For All Audiobook6+

Fleas have infiltrated the Twitch mansion and they aren't welcome.

  • 10 mins
Posh Rat Episode 9 Moustache Mystery Animated Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 9 - Moustache Mystery Audiobook6+

Someone keeps removing the moustache from an important statue.

  • 12 mins