A girl as small as a thumb goes on a great big, magical adventure. Thumbelina is a great story that teaches children about being unique and having courage to remain true to themselves. Thumbelina's adventure takes her through many situations where friendship and resilience are key to overcoming hardships and she eventually finds a place she feels happy and accepted. Our retelling of Thumbelina also focuses on themes of love, friendship and belonging. Thumbelina was written by Hans Christian Andersen in the 19th Century. It was originally published in 1835 as part of Andersen's collection of fairy tales titled "Fairy Tales Told for Children." The tale was inspired by various folktales including the famous English story Tom Thumb.
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Can you listen to Thumbelina for free?

Yes! You can listen to Thumbelina for free. Our story retellings closely follow the original storylines and add modern twists.

Is there a written version of Thumbelina?

Yes! All of our audiobooks are also available in written format with award winning illustrations.

Is Thumbelina a bedtime story?

Thumbelina is a great example of a bedtime story. It’s nostalgic for parents and has a happy ending for kids. That’s if they make it to the end of the story before falling asleep!