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Kids Audiobooks About Greed

22 stories
Go Nuts Series Cover
Go Nuts Audiobook Series3+

Win Partridge becomes the Order of the Oak's newest agent.

  • 4 episodes
The Candy King Audiobook Story Cover
Candy King Audiobook4+

Very strange things start happening when a boy eats too much candy.

  • 5 mins
A Robin Hood Audiobook Story Cover
Robin Hood Audiobook4+

Robin tries to win the golden arrow. But the sheriff has other plans.

  • 7 mins
The Bookbag Copter Audiobook Story Cover
The Bookbag-Copter Audiobook4+

A promising young inventor ends up in a spot of bother.

  • 4 mins
An Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves Audiobook Story Cover
Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves Audiobook4+

Ali finds forty theives stealing gold and jewels. But will he stop them?

  • 8 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Series: Episode 3 - Whiskery Business Cover
Posh Rat: Episode 3 - Whiskery Business Audiobook6+

A rogue trader is in town selling a range of dodgy products.

  • 10 mins
A Goldilocks And The Three Bears Audiobook Story Cover
Goldilocks And The Three Bears Audiobook4+

A hungry little girl finds a cottage in the woods and wanders inside.

  • 11 mins
The Biscuit Thief Audiobook Story Cover
The Biscuit Thief Audiobook4+

An uninvited guest is helping themself to the family biscuit tin.

  • 5 mins
A King Midas Audiobook Story Cover
King Midas Audiobook4+

A selfish, gold-hungry king makes a wish he will soon come to regret.

  • 8 mins
The Kentucky Fried Children Audiobook Story Cover
Kentucky Fried Children Audiobook 4+

A very clever hen plots to escape the farm and get her revenge.

  • 5 mins
The Go Nuts Audiobook Series: Episode 3 - Operation Diamond Dance Cover
Go Nuts E3 - Operation Diamond Dance Audiobook3+

Win tries to prevent a diamond heist with some surprising helpers.

  • 13 mins
A Hansel And Gretel Audiobook Story Cover
Hansel And Gretel Audiobook4+

A boy and girl find a gingerbread house while lost in the woods.

  • 20 mins
Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Audiobook Cover
Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Audiobook4+

Aladdin finds a rusty lamp in a cave. One rub and everything changes.

  • 8 mins
A Jack And The Beanstalk Audiobook Story Cover
Jack And The Beanstalk Audiobook4+

A magic bean leads Jack to uncover a world he knew nothing about.

  • 13 mins
A Rumpelstiltskin Audiobook Story Cover
Rumpelstiltskin Audiobook4+

A boy is landed with an impossible choice by a not-so-careful elf.

  • 11 mins
The Dog And His Reflection Audiobook Story Cover
The Dog And His Reflection Audiobook4+

A greedy little dog is generously given a bone, but is it enough?

  • 3 mins
The Frog Prince Audiobook Story Cover
The Frog Prince Audiobook4+

A selfish princess discovers something she really wasn't expecting.

  • 7 mins
A Puss In Boots Audiobook Story Cover
Puss In Boots Audiobook4+

A devious talking cat sets up his master with the king's daughter.

  • 7 mins
The Pied Piper Bedtime Audiobook Story Cover
The Pied Piper Audiobook4+

When the rats take over the town mayor is forced to intervene.

  • 8 mins
The Emperor's New Clothes Audiobook Story Cover
The Emperor's New Clothes Audiobook4+

Two crafty rogues make a fool out of a rather gullable king.

  • 7 mins
The Golden Goose Audiobook Story Cover
The Golden Goose Audiobook4+

A son discovers that kindness can lead to the most wonderful things.

  • 6 mins
A Christmas Carol Audiobook Portrait Cover
A Christmas Carol Audiobook4+

A beastly boss is visited by three ghosts on Christmas eve.

  • 8 mins