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Rhyme & Poem Audiobooks

24 stories
The Candy King Audiobook Story Cover
Candy King Audiobook4+

Very strange things start happening when a boy eats too much candy.

  • 5 mins
  • Free
The Biscuit Thief Audiobook Story Cover
The Biscuit Thief Audiobook4+

An uninvited guest is helping themself to the family biscuit tin.

  • 5 mins
The Fast Lane Audiobook Story Cover
The Fast Lane Audiobook4+

A little hedgehog takes their road safety exam on a busy highway.

  • 5 mins
The Flash, The Fast Sloth Audiobook Story Cover
Flash, The Fast Sloth Audiobook4+

Flash is training for a very important race, but who will it be against?

  • 4 mins
The Pig Wig Bedtime Audiobook Story Cover
The Pig Wig Audiobook4+

Bigsby is sad that he doesn't have hair, so he decides to go shopping.

  • 3 mins
A Breakfast Story Audiobook Cover
A Breakfast Story Audiobook4+

A fussy-eater decides he never wants porridge again. Or maybe he does?

  • 6 mins
The Disco Spider Audiobook Story Cover
Disco Spider Audiobook4+

A nasty accident leaves Disco questioning if he'll ever dance again.

  • 3 mins
The Toads Bedtime Audiobook Story Cover
The Toads Audiobook4+

A polar bear gives Mr and Mrs Toad something to think about.

  • 3 mins
The Bookbag Copter Audiobook Story Cover
The Bookbag-Copter Audiobook4+

A promising young inventor ends up in a spot of bother.

  • 4 mins
The Schnitzel Audiobook Story Cover
Schnitzel Audiobook4+

A gang of street dogs get suspicious when Schnitzel goes missing.

  • 3 mins
The Charlie Bryce Audiobook Story Cover
Charlie Bryce Audiobook4+

Chaos in the classroom when a louse jumps out of Charlie's hair.

  • 2 mins
The Next Year I'll Win! Audiobook Story Cover
Next Year I'll Win! Audiobook4+

Roderick is determined to defeat his rival in an unusual contest.

  • 5 mins
The Kentucky Fried Children Audiobook Story Cover
Kentucky Fried Children Audiobook 4+

A very clever hen plots to escape the farm and get her revenge.

  • 5 mins
The Help! Get a Broom! Audiobook Story Cover
Help! Get Broom! Audiobook4+

Parents fight desperately to clean their son's out of control bedroom.

  • 3 mins
The Sick Day Audiobook Story Cover
Sick Day Audiobook4+

It feels lousy to be ill, but it sometimes comes with some benefits.

  • 3 mins
The Things In Beards Rhyming Audiobook Story Cover
Things In Beards Audiobook4+

A boy finds the strangest things hiding in his grandad's beard.

  • 3 mins
The Mad Hair Day Audiobook Story Cover
Mad Hair Day Audiobook4+

A freak bolt of lightning make a boys hair do very strange things.

  • 3 mins
The Posh Rat Audiobook Story Cover
The Posh Rat Audiobook4+

The original rhyme behind our smash hit story series "Posh Rat".

  • 3 mins
The Nothing Scary! Audiobook Story Cover
Nothing Scary! Audiobook4+

Anna can't decide which Halloween costume she wants to wear.

  • 5 mins
The Ants Audiobook Story Cover
The Ants Audiobook4+

Discover why this army of ants have started wearing underpants.

  • 2 mins
The Caroling Goblin Audiobook Story Cover
The Caroling Goblin Audiobook4+

An unexpected guest joins the Rawcliffe Carolers crew this year.

  • 6 mins
The New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Audiobook Story Cover
New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Audiobook4+

After begging her parents to let her stay up late, they finally agree.

  • 5 mins
The Spotless Ladybird Audiobook Story Cover
The Spotless Ladybird Audiobook4+

A ladybird learns an important lesson when she tries to fit in.

  • 3 mins
The Brussels Sprout Audiobook Story Cover
The Brussels Sprout Audiobook4+

Who will be crowned the most popular veggie this Christmas?

  • 4 mins