Rapunzel Fairytale Bedtime Story Cover

The Story Of Rapunzel

Fairytale    4-10 yrs    10 mins  •  4.9/5

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Rapunzel Story - Chapter 1

On a hill in the countryside there was a wood.

By the wood there was a cottage. It was a small stone cottage—slightly rundown looking—surrounded by a greying wooden fence.

In the cottage lived a man and a woman.

The man and the woman had one single wisha beautiful baby girl. They longed to hold her. Comfort her. Protect her. And they felt sure—more sure than anything in their whole world—that they would make wonderful parents.

Upstairs, at the back of the cottage, there was a window.

The window looked down the hill, over a field and onto a magnificent garden filled with the most beautiful and delicious rampion—a wild plant known as rapunzel with spinach-like leaves and the root of a parsnip.

Rapunzel's mother looking down over a field of rampion

The garden was surrounded by a high wall and belonged to the wickedest and most powerful of all Witches.

Not a single sole had ever set foot in the garden for fear of the deathly consequences.

One day the woman caught sight of the rampion from the top window of the cottage. The plump green leaves and purple flowers seemed to mesmerise her, as if she was enchanted by a magic spell.

Suddenly, the woman became weak. Her complexion paled.

‘I must have the rampion,’ she said to her husband. ‘I must have it right away or I will surely die!’

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