Rhymes and Poems

Poems for kids are a fantastic way to introduce them to the world of literature. Not only do they learn about narrative and the beauty of words, but it's also an enjoyable experience for children of all ages! Whether it’s a poem about animals or outer space, kids can explore exciting topics in a fun, age-appropriate format.

There are so many poems for kids to choose from — nursery rhymes, limericks, ballads and more! Here are Sooper Books our kids poetry focuses on silly, clever and funny rhymes. Every Sooper Books poem has an enticing story with a beginning, middle and end.

Our poems for kids were created to help kids love reading and to develop your child's reading skills in a fun way.

Each poem type has its own unique features that make it special. In Next Year, I'll Win you'll learn about a new ancient sport - worm charming. Is it the early bird that gets the worm in this rhyming story? Why not find out at bedtime tonight.

Choosing a poem can be a challenge sometimes. Rest assured our short poems have been written by our award-winning authors. These poems for kids have been carefully crafted to delight children across the world.

Sooper Books is becoming well-known for our creative works and for bringing complex themes to life in an accessible way. Reading a poem from our rhyme collection is sure to be an entertaining experience for kids!

We hope your family enjoy exploring our poem collection and makes some fantastic discoveries. Let the adventure begin!

Animated Candy King bedtime story rhyme poem for kids cover Cover
Sooper Books Charlie Bryce Bedtime Story Cover Cover
The Fast Lane Cover
Animated Kentucky Fried Chicken Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Next Year I'll Win Cover Cover
Sooper Books The Toads Bedtime Story Cover Cover
The Posh Rat  Cover
New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Cover
Nothing Scary Cover Cover
Help Get a Broom Cover Cover
Animated A Breakfast Story Cover Cover
Animated The Biscuit Thief Cover Cover
Animated Flash The Fast Sloth Cover Cover
The Bookbag Copter Cover Cover
Schnitzel Cover Cover
Sick Day Cover
Disco Spider​ Cover
Sooper Books Mad Hair Day Bedtime Story Cover Cover
Sooper Books The Ants Bedtime Story Cover Cover
The Brussels Sprout Cover Cover
The Caroling Goblin Cover Cover
The Pig Wig Cover Cover
The Spotless Ladybird Cover

Children's rhymes

If you’re looking for children's books that rhyme, you’re in the right place. Rhymes are our favourite types of children's poems. They create a fun and playful tone that entertains kids of all ages. Our online rhyming stories are also full of vivid imagery and imaginative language to inspire young minds. On our website, we offer rhymes written specifically for young families. These poems feature catchy rhymes, fun rhymes and interesting rhymes.

Our rhymes are designed to help children grasp concepts of language, rhymes and literature in an engaging way. They can be used as a preschool teaching tool, early reading lessons and even as a bedtime story. Our rhymes will encourage your child’s creativity while developing their interest in rhymes and literature.

We provide rhymes for children from 2 - 9 years old. So whether your child is just starting their journey into rhymes or has been reading them for years, our rhymes will make their reading enjoyable and entertaining.

This is our take on what a modern nursery rhyme could be. As much as we love nursery rhymes such as Baa Baa Black Sheep, Little Piggy and Itsy Bitsy Spider, we felt like adding some modern rhymes into our family's nursery rhyme mix.

Afterall, nursery rhymes don't have to just be the traditional nursery rhymes. Wouldn't you agree?

So, if you’re looking for rhymes that are fun, full of rhymes and imaginative, then you’ve come to the right place. Our kids poetry is sure to captivate your young one’s minds and inspire them to write their own rhymes! So why not take a look today and see what rhymes we have to offer? We guarantee our rhymes will become family favourites and create an atmosphere for a good night.

Christmas poems for kids

Christmas poems are a fantastic way to help young families celebrate the festive season. With rich imagery, playful rhymes and exciting stories, these short poems for kids make for an enjoyable read during the holiday season. This year kids can experience Christmas through our Christmas-themed poems written by one of our award-winning authors.

Our Christmas poems for kids explore Christmas cheer in humorous and creative ways. With Christmas topics such as Santa Claus, snowflakes and Christmas trees, your children can enjoy Christmas stories with a Sooper Books twist!

Our Christmas poems for kids will bring Christmas cheer to all. Whether it's a poem about reindeer or the Christmas tree, each of our festive rhymes shows just how special the holiday season can be.

So why not let your child explore our Christmas poem selection this festive season? It’s sure to make them feel full of Christmas cheer! Happy Holidays from Sooper Books.

Children's funny poems

You’ll probably laugh at all if not most of our children's funny poems. They’re full of rhymes, fun wordplay and offer a unique outlook to life. Our funny rhymes are perfect for getting your child giggling and also teach them about different vocabulary words. We promise that our funny rhymes will not only amuse but engage your children as well. Learn important life lessons from these short poems for kids, as well as having lots of fun.

Our poems for kids are sure to make your children laugh out loud and remember them for years to come. Let your kids explore the funny rhymes we have and you’ll be amazed at the amount of laughter they bring!

Our rhymes are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. We have rhymes that are full of happiness, joy and fun. Our rhymes offer an uplifting outlook on life as well as making your little one laugh out loud.

Let your children explore the happy rhymes we have on offer and you’ll be surprised at how much they enjoy them. Our rhymes are sure to bring happiness and joy into your children’s lives! So why not take a look today and see what short poems we have to offer? We guarantee our short poems for kids will become your children’s new favourite rhymes! Enjoy!

Popular Rhymes

Candy King has been a favourite from the beginning and still has a top spot today. Here are our top 10 most popular rhymes.

1. Candy King

2. Kentucky Fried Children

3. A Breakfast Story

4. Charlie Bryce

5. Help! Get A Broom

6. Disco Spider

7. Flash - The Fast Sloth

8. The fast lane

9. Mad Hair Day

10. Next Year, I'll Win!

These top 10 rhymes are sure to captivate your young one’s minds. Our popular rhymes are full of humour, fun wordplay and imaginative stories. Minds will be inspired and imaginations sparked!

Enjoy these classic rhymes today and start creating memories that last a lifetime. Our rhymes are full of laughter, fun stories and captivating characters. So why not pick a one of our short poems from our list of popular rhymes and you won’t be disappointed!

Whether you have a little boy or little girls, we guarantee our popular rhymes will become your children’s favourite rhymes! Don't wait for a rainy day, why not take a peek now and see which ones your child will love?

We hope that these popular rhymes will bring your children lots of joy and fun. From our family to yours, happy reading!

Nursery Rhymes

At Sooper Books we don't have any rhymes based on traditional nursery rhymes. However, watch this space as we're working on an exciting project that involves nursery rhyme themes, including traditional and popular nursery rhymes. So you might be seeing a Little Piggy, Baa Baa Black Sheep and an Itsy Bitsy Spider start to appear on Sooper Books.