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Animated The Bookbag Copter Cover

The Bookbag-Copter Story

A girl invents a device to help out her schoolmates. But things don’t go exactly as she had planned.

Read myself

The Bookbag-Copter

It all began ‘cause I was poor.

And then I found that weird brochure.

While walking, wandering around

I saw the pamphlet on the ground

And instantly it caught my eye

For this is what it said:  “Oh, Hi!

A girl with yellow pigtails wearing a white shirt and green dress walks down a street past a postbox

Do YOU need to make money fast?

Try inventing – it’s a blast!

The secret for you to succeed

Is working out what people need!

It’s true! You’ll live a life of ease!

A ketchup bottle you can squeeze?

That inventor got so rich!

And think about how you don’t itch

Because back-scratchers got created!

That invention’s highly-rated.

Yes, fame and fortune await you.

Just think of things that frustrate you

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