Cinderella Fairytale Bedtime Stories Cover

The Story Of Cinderella

Fairytale    4-10 yrs    10 mins  •  5/5

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Cinderella Story - Chapter 1

Once there lived a poor servant girl.

Her days were long and grueling—filled with the most tiresome and tedious chores.

Scrubbing floors. Washing clothes. Dusting shelves. And cooking meals.

Cinderella scrubbing the floor

She was made to work from dawn until dusk without a single penny in return for her long-suffering hardship.

It was the most terrible injustice.

You see, her mother had died and her father soon remarried. But his new wife was a simply wretched woman. And she had—from a previous marriage—two equally wretched daughters of her own.

They would tease the poor girl dreadfully each day. And one day, while she swept the cinders from the fire, they taunted her and chanted,

Cinders… cinders… sweep sweep sweep,
In those rags in which you sleep,
From this day your name will be,
Cinderella… hee… hee… hee!

Cinderella dusting the shelves with ugly sisters laughing

And—sure enough—from that day forward the servant girl’s real name was forgotten and she became known across the land as Cinderella.

She was a meek and mild-natured young lady.

Despite years of torment from her wicked step-mother and beastly step-sisters, she did not once raise her voice to them or try to avenge them. Nor did she wish them ill.

She simply continued with her duties in the hope that one day—when she was older—she would escape and live the wonderful life of which she had often dreamed.

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