The Spotless Ladybird Children's Story Book Cover

The Spotless Ladybird

Rhyme    4-7 yrs    3 mins  •  5/5

Sit back, relax and enjoy the silly rhyming tale The Spotless Ladybird. Masterfully created by Sooper Books, the World’s No.1 Bedtime stories website. Or read our full collection of free bookshop-quality bedtime stories.

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The Spotless Ladybird

This is the tale of Poppy Potts,
The ladybird that had no spots.
When Poppy was just two years old,
She caught a very nasty cold,
That made her sniff and sneeze and cough,
‘Til all her spots had fallen off.

The Spotless ladybird - ladybird Poppy with spots falling off

Then years later when at school,
Poor Poppy felt she looked a fool,
So she decided that from then,
She’d paint her spots back on again.
But then at morning break one day,
When all the bugs went out to play,

A rain cloud came and soaked them all,
—It poured down like a waterfall—,
And when the nasty cloud had cleared,
All Poppy’s spots had disappeared,

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