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The Pig Wig

This is the tale of Bigsby Blare,
The pig who really wanted hair.
Now, Bigsby was a clever lad,
But one big question drove him mad,
He’d rack his brains and scratch his snout,
But he could never figure out,
Why piggies were so bare of hair,
He really found it so unfair.

“But, dogs have hair. And so do cats,
And even dirty stinking rats,
And llamas. And the old sly fox,
And bison, buffalo and ox.
And buzzy buzzy bumble bees,
And spiders (with those hairy knees).
Last week even Farmer Millar,
Found a hairy caterpillar!
So why on earth.. please tell me.. why,
Do I lie hairless in this sty?

It really just won’t do I say,
I need to find a better way!”
So Bigsby darted into town,
And scoured around and up and down,
Then walking past a fashion shop,
A shiny item made him stop,
“That’s it!” he said, “I’ll buy that big,
And super-shiny rainbow wig.
It is,” —he then let out a roar,
“Exactly what I’m looking for!”
From then on little Bigsby Blare,
Had very long and stripy hair.
And, goodness me, that rainbow wig,
Made Bigsby such a happy pig!

The End

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