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Sooper Books The Toads Bedtime Story Cover Cover

The Toads

This is the tale of Mr Toad,
Who one day jumped across a road,
And to his horror sitting there,
Was a gigantic polar bear.

Now, polar bears do like to chew,
Upon a slimy toad or two,
They really find it quite a treat,
To nibble on a toady’s feet.
“Oh, bear!” cried Toady, “Please don’t munch,
Upon my tender toes for lunch!”
The bear just laughed, shot out a paw,
And hooked poor Toady with his claw,
Then opened his big chops up wide,
And started to place Toad inside,
Then, suddenly, there came a shout,
It said, “You rascal... take him out!
And place him very carefully,
Back down here on the road with me!”'
The bear looked down upon the road,
To see an angry Mrs Toad,
Her finger pointing in the air,
And piercing him with quite a stare,

Then crouching down, she cried, “Here goes,
I’m jumping up to lick your nose!”
Now, if there’s one thing bears’ detest,
It’s having an unwanted guest,
Upon their nose, it makes them jump,
And fall upon their furry rump.
So that is where the story ends,
For I am pleased to say—my friends,
That bear set Toady free to roam,
Then he and Mrs Toad went home,
I’m also glad to say from then,
They never saw the bear again!

The End

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