The New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Story Cover
The New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Story Cover

New Year's Eve With Maxi Lou

Every evening, Maxie Lou

Did not like bedtime, cause she knew

Things amazing and amusing

Didn’t start till she was snoozing.

She had to go to bed at eight.

She’s five-years-old, so eight was late.

But she believed her mum and dad

And sister Fran were all too glad

That Maxie had to go to bed.

It meant they could stay up instead

For hours and hours after

Having fun with lots of laughter.

A girl with long curly orange hair wearing a pink nightdress, stands with her arms folder. Her teddy bear and pillow are on the floor.

Maxie Lou resented this.

She didn’t like her bedtime kiss,

Getting tucked beneath the sheets

And missing all the late-night treats!

The girl lies in bed with her eyes closed and an unhappy expression. Her orange haired mother tucks her in with a kiss.

Her parents said, “Max, that’s absurd!”

They swore that nothing fun occurred.

And nothing wild, nothing weird,

And nothing odd at night appeared! 

A tall bald man in a shirt and tie bends down towards the girl. She also bends forward angrily.

To her parents, Maxie said,

“Well then, let’s forget my bed.

Cause after all, I do believe

Tonight — that’s right! — is New Year’s Eve!”

Her parents rolled their eyes, but smiled.

Maxie was a stubborn child.

She’d kick up a fuss unless

They nodded and said, “Okay, yes.”

Maxie shouted, “Hip hip hooray!

So I can stay up all the way

Past midnight? Finally I’ll see

Your after-hours jamboree!”

The girl jumps in the air happily.

Upon the sofa she did sit,

A little drowsy, just a bit.

She sat up straight, she knew that some

Incredible event would come.

But eight o’clock turned into nine

And nothing yet seemed out of line.

Her dad does dishes while Mum cleans

And Fran peruses magazines.

Maxie yawned, “This was a bore!

But soon the fun will come, I’m sure!”

The girl sits on a green sofa in her living room, with her hands under her chin. Her mother is vacuuming, her father is doing the dishes and her sibling is reading on the sofa.

And suddenly she spied a gnome

Carrying cake across the home.

He warned her, “Psst, don’t make a sound!

Pretend there are no gnomes around.

The party upstairs is a blast.

We’re ringing out the year that’s past!”

A gnome wearing a red and white stripey pointy hat and blue top and trousers holds his finger to his lips under his white beard. He is carrying a large cupcake in the other hand.

Max could not believe her eyes.

What an excellent surprise!

She looked at Fran and Dad and Mum.

Were they invited too to come?

They hadn’t seen a gnome or cake.

Oh what a waste to be awake!

Well, Maxie crept up all the stairs

And saw a group of talking bears

Go in her room. A monkey too!

She said, “Hold on! I’ll come with you!”

The girl kneels at the top of the stairs looking towards an open bedroom door. A monkey hangs off the door and teddy bears are walking through the door.

Inside her room, there was a buzz.

Her bed was where the party was.

Beneath the blanket, noise and lights. 

Maxie thought, “Let’s see the sights!”

And oh the things that she beheld!

The sounds she heard, the smells she smelled!

Singing songs, a weasel trio!

Alligators here from Rio

Hosting games and offering sweets.

New Year’s Eve beneath the sheets

Was so exciting to attend

That Max hoped it would never end!

The girl lifts her bedsheet revealing lots of different toys dancing under a disco ball and fairy lights.

11:59 downstairs

And Maxie’s family sat in chairs,

With paper hats, and horns to blow,

When Fran said, “Wait, where’d Maxie go?”

Mum said Maxie, half-asleep,

Had gone to bed without a peep.

The three went up to just make sure.

They poked their heads inside the door.

Maxie was asleep and snoring.

“Guess she thought the night was boring,”

They were whispering to each other

When the clock chimed. “Listen Mother!

Listen Dad!” said Fran. “What fun!

It’s midnight! A new year’s begun!”

And Maxie’s dreaming with a grin

That she stayed up to ring it in.

The girl is asleep in her bed with her teddy bear tucked in beside her, her family are looking through her bedroom door.

The End

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