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New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Animated Cover

The New Year’s Eve With Maxie Lou Story

After begging her parents every night to let her stay up past her bedtime, they finally agree. It’s New Year’s Eve, and Maxie is ready for anything!

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New Year's Eve With Maxi Lou

Every evening, Maxie Lou

Did not like bedtime, cause she knew

Things amazing and amusing

Didn’t start till she was snoozing.

She had to go to bed at eight.

She’s five-years-old, so eight was late.

But she believed her mum and dad

And sister Fran were all too glad

That Maxie had to go to bed.

It meant they could stay up instead

For hours and hours after

Having fun with lots of laughter.

A girl with long curly orange hair wearing a pink nightdress, stands with her arms folder. Her teddy bear and pillow are on the floor.

Maxie Lou resented this.

She didn’t like her bedtime kiss,

Getting tucked beneath the sheets

And missing all the late-night treats!

Her parents said, “Max, that’s absurd!”

They swore that nothing fun occurred.

And nothing wild, nothing weird,

And nothing odd at night appeared! 

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