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Nothing Scary Animated Cover

The Nothing Scary! Story

Anna Blue can’t decide what to wear for Halloween, and she’s running out of time!

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Nothing Scary!

My younger sister’s gonna burst.

Today’s October thirty-first

And she can’t decide between

Her nine ideas for Halloween.

Two girls stand next to a calendar reading '31st October'

Poor Anna Blue – she should have fun!

This holiday’s her favourite one!

She gets excited for the day

When it is still ten months away!

She loves the candy – she’s no fool.

The games and parties – they’re all cool.

But what my sister loves the best

Is choosing just how she’ll be dressed.

So many possibilities!

It could make someone ill at ease

To go through such a lengthy list.

But Anna Blue, she does persist.

She rules out scary costumes first.

“Monsters? Ugh, no, they’re the worst!”

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