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Next Year I'll Win Animated Cover

The Next Year I'll Win! Story

Young Roderick is determined to defeat his rival in a rather unusual contest. But learning about squiggly creatures isn’t his only challenge!

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Next Year, I'll Win!

Go down to Devon and you’ll find

A tournament, one of a kind.

It’s not a relay race or chess.

Okay, it’s pretty odd, I guess.

This contest every year confirms

Just who’s the best at charming worms.

competition poster

Worm-charming’s an ancient sport - 

A noble skill, so don’t you snort.

It takes a talent most profound

To charm a worm up from the ground.

But charming ten won’t get you close.

Five hundred worms - okay, that’s gross.

But that’s how many it took Sophie,

Champion of last year’s trophy.

Last years champion Sophie

Sophie Starling is the one

Who’s gonna have to be outdone

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