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The Brussels Sprout Animated Cover

The Brussels Sprout Story

A little brussels sprout called Russel and a day at school he’ll never forget. Perfect for a merry, Christmasy bedtime story.

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The Brussels Sprout

“Good morning class,” said Mr Green,
A tall and spindly runner-bean,
“Today, we’re going to learn about,
Why people love the Brussels sprout.”

A green runner bean stood pointing at a blackboard. On the board is a picture of a brussels sprout and reads 'Brussels Sprout'.

The class let out a great big roar,
Then pointed over at the door,
Where sat a boy called Russell Stout,
Who was himself a Brussels sprout.
But unlike carrot; Keith “The Crunch”,
Or all of the Banana Bunch,
Or Billy Spud, or Ricky Beet,
Or even big old Leeky Pete,
Poor Russell was a lonely sprout.
He had no friends to speak about,
He always sat alone at lunch,
And watched the cool Banana Bunch,
Laugh and play and sing and shout,
While Russell always felt left out.

He hated being round and green,

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