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Sooper Books Charlie Bryce Bedtime Story Cover Cover

Charlie Bryce

This is the tale of Charlie Bryce,
A boy who found one hundred lice,
Skip-skipping in his greasy hair,
And jumping high into the air.

In morning class at school that day,
Before they all went out to play,
A nasty little louse broke free,
And landed on poor Emily,
Who screamed aloud for all to hear,
“Something’s wiggling in my ear!”

Miss Morris calmed the classroom down,
Then turned to Charlie with a frown,
And said, “Hold still! And please don’t scream,
I’ve called the fumigation team.”
A moment later six big brutes,
Dressed head to toe in yellow suits,
Broke down the wooden classroom door,
And flung poor Charlie to the floor.

The brutes released one hundred mice,
To feast upon the wretched lice,
And then—I promise you, no joke—,
They pumped his hair with bright green smoke.

From that day on the whole high school,
Thought Charlie Bryce was super cool.
The lice had gone. His hair was clean,
And stayed the most outrageous green!

The End

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