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The Fast Lane Animated Cover

The Fast Lane Story

A little hedgehog is taking her road safety test. She is nervous and alone on a busy road. What happens when a big bus comes around the corner?

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The Fast Lane​

Upon a busy roadside edge,
Beside a green and bushy hedge,
A little hedgehog stood in fear,
For it had reached the time of year,
To learn her hedgehog highway codes,
And practice crossing busy roads.

A busy road full of colourful cars. On the side of the road two small brown hedgehogs stand by a green hedge.

“I don't know why,” she said at last,
“These things are moving quite so fast,”
“These things are cars, my dear,” said mum.
“They move the humans on their bum,
To every single part of town.
They like to travel sitting down.”

Mummy hedgehog standing on a log pointing to her drawing of a car on a fence. The the little hedgehog is listening and watching.

The little hedgehog looked bemused,
And said to mum, “But I'm confused.
If they have legs, why choose to roll?
Wouldn't they enjoy a stroll?”
“I don't know, dear. It's what they do.
So I am here to guide you through,
Your hedgehog highway code exam,
And stop you turning into jam.”

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