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Animated Kentucky Fried Chicken Bedtime Story Cover

The Kentucky Fried Children Story

A very clever giant chicken really doesn’t want to be eaten, so she hatches a cunning plan to dodge the frying pan and seek her revenge. Parents may want to read first as it can be a little scary for younger readers.

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For Parents: this is a super silly story about a giant talking chicken, but some younger readers might find it scary. You may wish to have a quick peek first.

Kentucky Fried Children

In a coop in West Kentucky,

Lived a smart and rather plucky,

Farmyard hen named Ida Sue

A brilliant chicken through and through.

She read a hundred books a day

You’d often find her perched on hay

Focusing all her attention

Devising some new invention.

An orange chicken sat on top of a pile of books reading a book

Her latest one could take the dream

Of any bird and use a beam

Of light to cast it on the wall.

The coop became a movie hall!

 But Ida Sue was not content

To read her books and to invent.

The birds were sad, and by and large

It’s due to whom was left in charge:

Human brothers Cal and Clyde.

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Is there a read aloud version?

You can choose to experience this rhyming poem read aloud or you can read it yourself.

Should parents read this first?

We’ve flipped the script on who is eating who and some younger readers might find it scary. It’s a super silly story about a giant talking chicken with an ending which we recommend parents read first.