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Sooper Books The Ants Bedtime Story Cover Cover

The Ants

This is the story of the ants,
That all wore bright red underpants.
It all began one winter’s day,
When all the ants went out to play.
And after swinging on the swing,
They all came back in shivering.
“Oh no!” said one, “I think my bum,
Is frozen and completely numb,
From sitting on that icy swing,
We really need to do something!”

At this point all the ants began,
To try and hatch a cunning plan,
And save their teeny tiny rumps,
From getting little ant goose-bumps.
They sat there quiet for a while,
And then one ant began to smile,
“That’s it!” she cried, “we’ll make all ants,
A pair of bright red underpants,
To save us from a botty-sting,
While swinging on our lovely swing.”

And that was really that my friends,
And where this anty story ends,
Except to say, those little ants,
Enjoyed their bright red underpants,
So very very much from then,
They never took them off again!

The End

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