Animated Sooper Books Mad Hair Day Bedtime Story Cover Cover
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Animated Sooper Books Mad Hair Day Bedtime Story Cover Cover
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Mad Hair Day

Skyline of New York with Statue of Liberty holding a boy in her arms he boy has blonde hair dark blue t-shirt and light blue shorts and glasses

In New York, lived a boy with fair,

And wonderfully weird hair.

The locals said, “This may just be,

The strangest hair you’ll ever see.”     

The story goes, or so I’m told,

That when the boy was ten years old,

Out the sky—with no forewarning—,

On a quiet Sunday morning,

Came a hundred thousand volt,

—Quite terrifying—lightning bolt.

the blonde boy is hit by lightning coming down for a big grey cloud

It hit him square upon the head,

To which, I’m told, he promptly said,

“Watch out, Mama, I think my hair, 

Is going to sprout. Stand back! Beware!”

She looked at him, then made a yelp,

And called her husband. “Quick, come help!”

the blonde boy looks shocked and his blonde hair very big and frizzy

The boy’s fair hair let off a glow,

And then, at pace, began to grow.

In a flash it passed his shoulder,

Making him look ten years older,

Then shortly after, cries of, “Mum!

My hair has grown right passed my bum,”

His Mum, in shock, looked at his mop,

And said out loud, “When will this stop!”

The answer was, as soon she found,

It stopped three inches off the ground.

Enough, I’m told, to just expose,

His ankles, feet and tiny toes.

the blonde boy has long straight hair down to his feet

They stood there, dumb. A moment passed,

And then his father said, at last,

“What on earth shall we do now?

He looks just like a highland cow,”

the blonde boy has hair down to to his feet and horns standing in between his parents looking shocked and a happy brown highland cow

His mother cried, “I’ve got a plan!

We’ll put him in your transit van,

Then take him straight to Charlie Chop©,

The local high street barber’s shop,”

So off they sped as fast they dare,

And placed him in the barber’s chair.

Then Charlie gave his hair a grip,

Then moment later snip snip snip.

a barber standing on a stole holding up the end of the boys long hair cutting it with scissors the boys sits in a barber chair looking nervous

His hair fell quickly to the floor,

But then his mum let out a roar,

“Look, look! It’s growing back!” she said,

But this time it grew back bright red.

And quite unlike it did before,

Not flowing neatly to the floor.

Instead, his new and fiery hair,

Shot up like flames into the air.

the boys is sitting in the barber chair with long red flames shotting up from his head his mother stands next to him looking shocked

“By jove!” the barber said with glee,

“I never in my life did see,

A boy with such fantastic, rare,

And brilliantly flame-red hair. 

From this day forth, I do proclaim,

This child will have a brand new name,

From New York State to Illinois,

I hereby name you, Fire Boy©!”

The barber sprays the boys red flame hair

The End

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Yes! You can read this popular rhyming poem for free. We felt that there weren’t enough high quality stories and poems for kids that were free, so we decided to change that with the Sooper Books rhyming poems category.

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You can choose to experience this rhyming poem read aloud or you can read it yourself.