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Animated Sooper Books Mad Hair Day Bedtime Story Cover

The Mad Hair Day Story

One day, a little boy gets struck on the head by lightning. You'll never guess what begins to happen to the boys hair.

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Mad Hair Day

Skyline of New York City behind the statue of liberty. In the arms of the statue of liberty is a boy with blonde hair wearing a red top.

In New York, lived a boy with fair,

And truly mind-boggling hair.

The locals said, “This may just be,

The strangest hair you’ll ever see.”     

The story goes, or so I’m told,

That when the boy was ten years old,

From the sky—with no forewarning—,

On a quiet Sunday morning,

Came a hundred thousand volt,

—Quite terrifying—lightning bolt.

A bolt of lightning coming down from a grey cloud an hitting the blonde boy. He jerks in the air.

It hit him square upon the head,

And then, I’m told, he promptly said,

“Watch out, Mama, I think my hair, 

Is going to sprout. Stand back! Beware!”

She looked at him, then made a yelp,

And called her husband. “Quick, come help!”

The boy’s fair hair let off a glow,

And then, with haste, began to grow.

The blonde boy shrugging his shoulders looking confused. His hair is glowing a large bright yellow glow.

In a flash it passed his shoulder,

Making him look ten years older.

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