Mad Hair Day Funny Bedtime Story Cover

Mad Hair Day

Original rhyme    4-10 yrs    5 mins  •  4.9/5

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Mad Hair Day

fair haired boy sitting on statue of liberty New York

In New York, lived a boy with fair,

And wonderfully weird hair.

The locals said, ‘this may just be,

The strangest hair you’ll ever see.’     

The story goes, or so I’m told,

That when the boy was ten years old,

Out the sky—with no forewarning—,

On a quiet Sunday morning,

Came a hundred thousand volt,

—Quite terrifying—lightning bolt.

mad hair day boy getting struck on the head by lightning

It hit him square upon the head,

To which, I’m told, he promptly said,

‘Watch out, Mama, I think my hair, 

Is going to sprout. Stand back! Beware!’

She looked at him, then made a yelp,

And called her husband. ‘Quick, come help!’

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