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Disco Spider​ Sooper Books Rhyme Animated Cover

The Disco Spider Rhyme & Audiobook

Disco is a dancing spider who gets some very bad news. Will he ever be able to dance again?

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Disco Spider​

This is the tale of Disco Lance,
The spider who just loved to dance.
It all began quite long ago,
When Disco bought a radio,
And ever since that very day,
He’d jig and bop and twist and sway,
From morning ‘til quite late at night,
It was a quite fantastic sight.

A black spider dancing while holding a red boom box.

But one day Disco did a jive,
And slipped into a head first dive,
Which ended in a nasty fall,
It really was not good at all.
Legs one to seven seemed okay,
But eight was bending the wrong way,

So Mummy rushed him to the doc,
Who looked at Disco’s leg with shock,
“By jove,” said Doc, “leg number eight,
Does really not look very great.”
He turned to Disco, did a cough,

And said, “We’ll have to cut it off,
And as for dancing, let’s just say,
This may well be your final day.”

A brown spider wearing a green mask holds the black spiders broken leg. Another spider watches.

It looked to all the world from then,
That Disco would not dance again,
But two weeks later, while in bed,
Young Disco called his mum and said,
“I’ve now got seven legs, I know,
But I will give my dance a go,
I’ll get a wooden washing peg,
And carve it into my new leg!”

The black spider holding up 7 legs and one wooden peg leg.

And sure enough, I’m pleased to say,
That ever since that very day,
Our gutsy little Disco Lance,
Returned to his beloved dance,
And as the story goes—they say,
He is still dancing to this day.

The End

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