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The Sick Day Rhyme & Audiobook

It feels lousy to be ill, but sometimes a day in bed can be just what you needed! Enjoy our Sooper silly ode to staying home from school or work.

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Sick Day

Beginning around December,

A sniffle makes you remember

That when your nose begins to run,

Ah yes, Cold Season has begun!

A green boy with snot hanging from his nose.

And then the next four months you’ll style

(Unless you’re on a tropic isle) 

The most annoying set of clothes

Intended to protect that nose

From getting runny, blocked or stuffed.

So now they’ve got you wrapped and puffed

In coats and scarves and gloves and boots

And even one-piece bodysuits.

Every day: “You’ll catch a chill!”

Or: “Bundle up. You might fall ill!”

In rain and wind, you mustn’t dare

Let any patch of skin be bare. 

(Even though it’s actually true

That where we spread our germs and flu

Is in the house with windows shut

And breathing in oh-who-knows-what!)

Enough of scientific stuff!

The fact is, getting sick is rough.

A hacking cough, those scratchy throats,

A voice that’s like a gargling goat’s.

The boy sitting in front of a fried breakfast with a sausage on his fork looking disgusted.

An achy head, a dodgy tum,

You drool and snore when nighttimes come.

Breakfast now’s not tasting right.

You might lose all your appetite.

The boys head on a green goat coughing.

Just maybe, though, it’s not all bad.

Perhaps that sneeze might make you glad 

‘Cause – let’s not kid ourselves – it’s cool

To get a “sick day” home from school.

You’re in your room with all your stuff.

Your blanket’s warm. Your pillow’s fluffed.

There’s time to read or hear or see

Your favourite books or bad T.V.

And maybe, best of all, when fed

The food is brought to you - in bed!

The boy wrapped in a blue duvet watching TV.

Catered to your every whim:

“I need more soup. The room’s too dim.

Please pull the blinds. The room’s too bright. 

Hold on! I’ve found my appetite.

I’m craving pizza, toast and pie.

A pickle – that would satisfy!

Salami, apple sauce and cheese.

Oh, start another movie, please!

No – I’ve watched that one ten times.

I’ll take a squash now: lemon-lime.

The boy looking healthy with food floating around his head.

What’s that you say? I’m seeming fine?

My temperature’s below the line?

Oh, I don’t know. I’m looking pasty.

School again? Let’s not be hasty. 

I’m groggy and I feel a burn.

That pickle made my tummy turn.

Please feel my cheeks, they seem too pink.

I’d better lie back down, I think.

The boy sat in bed covering his eyes holding a tissue.

Gosh, yeah. I’m not through healing yet.

My symptoms will return, I bet. 

Wait, wait, wait. Just hear me say:

Achoo! See? I need one more day.”

The End

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