A curious tortoise is sick of his boring, slow life on the ground and wants to experience the world from above. But when he does there is a very important lesson to be learned. The Tortoise And The Ducks is the perfect fable for explaining the consequences of arrogance to your little one. The tortoise's desire to feel special leads to his downfall, literally. The fable ends with “And the moral of that story is that foolish curiosity and being big-headed can often lead to misfortune.” Aesop's fables are a collection of ancient tales credited to the famous storyteller, Aesop who is believed to have lived in Ancient Greece during the 6th century BCE. Fables are short stories that deliver a moral lesson or practical message usually through animals or mythical creatures acting on our human experiences. These stories have influenced literature across all ages and cultures.
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Can you listen to The Tortoise And The Ducks for free?

Yes! You can listen to The Tortoise And The Ducks for free. Our story retellings closely follow the original storylines and add modern twists.

Is there a written version of The Tortoise And The Ducks?

Yes! All of our audiobooks are also available in written format with award winning illustrations.