The Wold And The Seven Little Kids Fairytale Bedtime Stories Cover

The Wolf And the Seven Little Kids

Fairytale    4-10 yrs    12 mins  •  5/5

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The Wolf And The Seven Kids Story - Chapter 1

Once, in a land far far away, stood a small stone cottage. The cottage was owned by an old mother goat. And the mother goat lived happily in the cottage with her seven—very preciouslittle kids.

The seven kids and mummy goat sitting together.

‘Dear children, the cupboards are bare,’ said the mother goat, ‘I must going out immediately to run some errands.’

‘OK, Mummy,’ chanted the seven little kids.

‘While I am gone,’ said mother goat, ‘you must be on guard at all times. I have seen a beastly wolf lurking nearby. And if you let him in he is sure to gobble up the lot of you.’

All seven of the little kids looked extremely frightened.

‘You will be fine my darlings,’ said the mother goat, ‘The wolf may well try to trick you with a disguise, but don’t be fooled. You will know it is him straight away by his deep gruff voice and big hairy feet.’

The seven little kids seem comforted by this and said, ‘Thank you, Mummy. We will be on guard. And, please don’t worry. We won’t be fooled by the wolf’s disguises.’

Mother goat gave each of the seven little kids a lick goodbye and then left to run her errands.

mother goat licks each one of her seven kids goodbye to go and run some errands

Thirty minutes passed and there came a knock at the door.

‘Dear children, I’m home,’ said the voice, ‘I’ve returned with a special treat for each of you to enjoy.’

The smallest little kid turned to the others and whispered, ‘That isn’t Mummy’s voice. It is much too deep. This must be the wolf.’

‘We will NOT open the door,’ they cried, ‘you have a deep gruff voice and Mummy has a soft tender voice. You are the beastly wolf. Be gone! Be gone!’

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