Hansel And Gretel Fairytale Bedtime Story cover

The Story Of Hansel & Gretel

Fairytale    4-10 yrs    20 mins  •  4.7/5

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Hansel And Gretel Story - Chapter 1

Down in the valley was a wood. Next to the wood was a cottage. And in the cottage lived a wood-cutter and his two children—a little boy named Hansel, and his sister, Gretel.

The wood-cutter was a very poor man. Work was scarce and he had fallen on very hard times. He couldn’t even earn enough to feed the family every day, so—more often than not—the children went hungry.

Despite their situation, Hansel and Gretel’s spirits remained high. They never once complained. They could see how much their father loved them and how hard he was working—even if his work brought little reward.

hansel and gretel playing outside with their father

One evening, after the children had gone to bed, the wood-cutter sat talking to his wife next to the fire.

The woman was Hansel and Gretel’s stepmother. A simply wretched woman that was desperate to get rid of the children at the first available opportunity.

‘Oh, wife,’ said the wood-cutter, ‘I can barely support you and myself, never mind the children. What on earth are we going to do?’

‘I know what to do,’ she said—a wicked smile creeping onto her lips.

‘Tell me, dear wife,’ said the wood-cutter.

‘Tomorrow morning, I will take the children deep into the wood—into the very thickest part—and leave them there for the wolves. They will then be out of our way, your wages will support us and we will be freed from this dreadful poverty.’

‘Feed them to the wolves?’ repeated the wood-cutter in horror, ‘I’ve never heard such nonsense in all my days!’

‘Foolish man!’ she replied, ‘then we will all perish. You are as well to go and cut wood for our own coffins.’

The wood-cutter said nothing.

Hansel and Gretel’s empty, rumbling bellies had kept them awake. They had heard everything—especially the bit about being left out for the wolves, which had terrified both of them beyond words.

‘What is going to happen to us, Hansel?’ sniffed Gretel, as she wiped away a tear.

‘Don’t cry, Gretel,’ he whispered, ‘I know exactly what to do.’

gretel asleep with hansel in a single bed

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