Goldilocks And The Three Bears Fairytale Bedtime Story Cover

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Fairytale    4-10 yrs    10 mins  •  4.8/5

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Goldilocks And The Three Bears - Chapter 1

Beside a great forest was a meadow. In the meadow was a cottage. And in the cottage lived Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear and Little Baby Bear.

The three brown bears, daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear sitting all looking at each other.

The bears each had their very own bed to sleep in, chair to sit on and bowl for eating their favourite of all things—porridge.

One morning—as the sun rose over the meadow—Mummy and Daddy Bear were preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Little Baby Bear awoke, looked out the window and thundered down the stairs.

‘Mummy… Daddy… look!’ cried Little Baby Bear.

The baby bear pointed out of the window, where hundreds of fluttering butterflies filled the meadow.

Baby brown bear looking out of the window at the colourful butterflies.

Now, it is worth pointing out that—besides eating porridge—chasing butterflies was one of baby bear’s favourite things to do. And she didn’t get to do it often as the butterflies only came to the meadow in the springtime.

‘Please, please, pleeeease can we go out before breakfast,’ said baby bear, ‘There are so many butterflies, Mummy. More than I have ever seen. I simply must go out now. Oh, please can we go. Please!’

‘Very well, dear,’ said Mummy Bear.

‘I shall just pour the porridge,’ said Daddy Bear, ‘so that it can cool and be the perfect temperature for when we return.’

Daddy Bear poured the porridge into the three bowls and carefully set them on the table. Then, with a clunk, the front door shut and the three bears strolled out into the meadow—leaving the cottage empty.

The three bears' Porridge cooling in bowls. Mummy bear's porridge, daddy bear's porridge and baby bears porridge.

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