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The Go Nuts Audiobook Series: Episode 4 - Operation Googoo Cover

The Go Nuts Audiobook Story Series: Episode 4 - Operation Googoo

A baby is wearing a nappy with top-secret information. Win goes undercover to retrieve it, but it’s hard to save the world when you’re stuck in a playpen!

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Benefits of reading Go Nuts - Operation Googoo

This short story covers the quest theme. Operation Googoo is written and narrated in the third person. This story portrays a father-son relationship. We recommend children with a reading age of 3 - 7 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in Go Nuts - Operation Googoo?

The main character in the Go Nuts series is seven-year-old Win Partridge. This is a fantasy story set in London. In episode 4 characters include a baby, talking tree and a squirrel.