Airmail Christmas Special Solomon Hogg And Father Christmas Cover. Solly the pig is on his flapicycle wearing a red Christmas jumper and reindeer antlers.

The Airmail Audiobook Story Series: Christmas Special - Solomon Hogg And Father Christmas

This story includes themes of creativity and Imagination, responsibility and commitment as well as kindness and thoughtfulness. In this Christmas special Solomon Hog continues with his postal services responsibilities in addition to showing his creative side by writing his own Christmas story.

The moral of this story is that accomplishing tasks, despite challenges, can lead us to find personal fulfilment. This story also suggests that by bringing happiness to others we can create positive and memorable experiences for ourselves and others.

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Benefits of reading the Airmail Christmas Special

This short story covers themes of friendship, generosity, hard work, kindness, love, magic, pride, responsibility, self-control and sharing. This story can be read to kids in their early ages and is a great way to start a bedtime routine. It can also be read by children themselves. We recommend children with a reading age of 6 - 10 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in the Airmail Christmas Special?

The main character in this story is a pig called Solly. Family roles include a mother, father, daughter, sister and uncle. In this animal story there are plenty of characters such as a bull, hedgehog, mouse, pelican, pig, sheep, starling and a wren. Plus one very important character, Father Christmas!