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Airmail Christmas Special Solomon Hogg And Father Christmas Cover. Solly the pig is on his flapicycle wearing a red Christmas jumper and reindeer antlers.

Airmail Story Series: Christmas Special - Solomon Hogg And Father Christmas

Solly is excited to read his original story at the town’s Christmas Eve Festival. But when his postal duties pile up, Solly must figure out his priorities.

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Solomon Hogg And Father Christmas

Solomon Hogg often read bedtime stories to his three younger sisters, Maisy, Daisy and Grace. But tonight was different. It was the night before Christmas Eve, and for the first time ever, he was reading a story he had written himself. It was called The Unforgettable Christmas.

The 3 little sister pigs are in bed while Solly stands and reads them a book. Chrsitmas lights and stocks are hung on the wall behind them.

“Father Christmas waved goodbye,” read Solly, nearing the end of his story. “Then, with a jolly laugh, he pedalled away on his one-wheeled flapicycle, flying high into the sky, until he disappeared into the clouds. The End.”

Solly’s sisters clapped loudly.

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Benefits of reading the Airmail Christmas Special

This short story covers themes of friendship, generosity, hard work, kindness, love, magic, pride, responsibility, self-control and sharing. This story can be read to kids in their early ages and is a great way to start a bedtime routine. It can also be read by children themselves. We recommend children with a reading age of 6 - 10 years old for this story.

Who are the main characters in the Airmail Christmas Special?

The main character in this story is a pig called Solly. Family roles include a mother, father, daughter, sister and uncle. In this animal story there are plenty of characters such as a bull, hedgehog, mouse, pelican, pig, sheep, starling and a wren. Plus one very important character, Father Christmas!