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The Ogglebogs Episode 10 Blobbo Floats Away Animated Cover

The Ogglebogs Short Story & Audiobook Series: Episode 10 - Blobbo Floats Away

The Ogglebog friends are waiting for breakfast at the Oggle cafe when they spot something floating in the sky. What is it? Or who is it?

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Blobbo Floats Away

“Blazing bananas! There’s something floating about down there,” said Rocco.

The Ogglebog friends were all sitting at the Oggle Café on Bubble Mountain waiting for their famous Ogglecake breakfast.

“What can it be?" asked Oddo.

"It's big and round and blue," said Twinko.

The Ogglebogs looking out the window seeing Blobbo floating into the sky.

 "It looks a bit like Blobbo," said Rocco.

"Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz," said Beepo.

"Yes, Beepo," said Coco. "It's Blobbo all right! Look, everyone, down there!"

The Oggle Café was at the end of the clouds and had lovely views of the Oggle Bubble Mountain. And the mountain was made of guess what? Yes, that’s right – bubbles! 

Sometimes, when the wind blew, some bubbles popped and made a noise like a giggle.

Some bubbles floated right up in the air. And some even floated away and were never seen again! 

The other Ogglebogs looked out of the window of the Oggle Café. They saw that it really was Blobbo floating about on Bubble Mountain. Yes, actually floating!

You see, Blobbo is shaped just like a big, wobbly blue ball. Blobbo is usually tired and yawns quite a lot.

But Blobbo was really, really hungry that morning. Blobbo was climbing up Bubble Mountain to join the other Ogglebogs for breakfast in the Oggle Café. Blobbo was a bit late and wasn’t really concentrating.

Blobbo did a little yawn and thought about floaty pies. Ohhhh, Blobbo loved floaty pies. They were delicious. They were made of flavoured air and had the scent of opples, plims and dotes. When you ate them, you got a lovely floaty feeling, a bit like swimming in a bath of warm custard.

Blobbo couldn’t stop thinking about floaty pies. Oh dear, it was no good. Blobbo just had to have a floaty pie.

Just then, a great big Bubble Mountain bubble lifted off and floated toward Blobbo. At that very moment, Blobbo did an enormous Blobbo yawn and yawned up the whole bubble!

Oh dear, again. Because Blobbo then felt very strange and started floating slowly up and up into the air.

Then Blobbo thought, "Oh no! Did I just yawn up a floaty pie?"

Blobbo kept on floating slowly up and up!

Blobbo with big full cheeks floating in the air.

 Back in the café, Rocco said, "Let’s get down there and pull old Blobbo back down again. What do you think has made Blobbo float like that?"

"Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz," said Beepo.

‘Yawned up a bubble?" asked Twinko.

"Bzzz, bzz," said Beepo.

"I think you are right, Beepo," said Rocco.

Rocco and the other Ogglebogs raced down Bubble Mountain and there was Blobbo floating about in the air. Blobbo looked so silly up there that the others couldn’t stop laughing.

Blobbo on top of bubble mountain. The other Ogglebogs laughing on the ground.

 "Oh, Blobbo! You do look so funny up there!" said Twinko, giggling.

"I’ve forgotten why we came down here," said Rocco.

"Hehe. You are forgetful sometimes, Rocco. We came down here to stop Blobbo from floating away," said Oddo.

"Oh yes, that’s right," said Rocco. "I forgot for a moment. Anyone got any ideas?"

"Blobbo, you had better close your mouth in case you yawn up any more bubbles," yelled Oddo.

"Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz," said Beepo.

Rocco jumped as high as he could and tried to grab Blobbo. But it was no good. Blobbo was up too high.

You may remember that Twinko has very long legs. So, Twinko stretched up as high as possible but still couldn’t quite reach.

Twinko reaching up trying to grab a floating Blobbo.

"Oh, it’s no good," said Twinko, "What are we going to do?"

A puff of wind made Blobbo go up even higher.

"Oh, oh, get me down, please!" yelled Blobbo, "I might float away forever and never see any of you again."

"We’re trying," shouted Rocco. "We really are!"

"Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz," said Beepo.

"The Mushmallow Forest?" asked Rocco.

"Bzz," said Beepo. Then Beepo whizzed down to the Mushmallow Forest at the bottom of Bubble Mountain.

It wasn’t very long before Beepo was back. Beepo brought a long, smelly old mushmallow that had been lying in the sun. It had toadsteps up the side.

Beepo holding a smelly mushmallow.

"Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz," said Beepo.

"Oh, I see! Blobbo is too big for you to pick up," said Rocco. 

"Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz," said Beepo.

"Tickle Blobbo? Great idea, Beepo!" said Rocco.

The other Ogglebogs held the smelly, old mushmallow up in the air.

Beepo flew up to Blobbo, who was smiling very happily. And then Beepo started tickling Blobbo. Blobbo laughed and laughed and laughed and giggled and laughed again. 

All of a sudden, a great, big bubble floated right out of Blobbo’s open mouth.

Beepo tickling Blobbo. A bubble coming out of Blobbos mouth.

Blobbo stopped floating.

"Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz," said Beepo.

"I’m holding tight," said Blobbo, who started to climb down the toadsteps. The other Ogglebogs laughed and clapped.

"Well done, everyone! We’ve got our dear, old, floating Blobbo back again," said Rocco.

They all went back to the Oggle Café. Pasto brought a tray of delicious Ogglecakes.

"Yum, yum. I’m going to eat lots of these. The more I eat, the heavier I’ll get and then I won’t float away ever again," said Blobbo.

"You were very lucky," said Rocco. "If it hadn’t been for Beepo’s clever idea and quick thinking, we may never have seen you again. You might have floated off into outer space!"

"Thanks, Beepo," said Blobbo. "You really are a good Ogglebog friend."

Blobbo hugging Beepo. Ogglecakes are on the table in front of them.

"Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz," said Beepo.


The End

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Benefits of reading The Ogglebogs - Blobbo Floats Away

This short story covers the themes of friendship and kindness. Blobbo Floats Away is written and narrated in the third person. We recommend children with a reading age of 3+.

Who are the main characters in The Ogglebogs - Blobbo Floats Away

The main character in The Ogglebogs series is a friendly alien called Rocco. This is a fantasy story series set on Planet Ogg.