The Ogglebogs Episode 17 The Naughty Ogg Dog Animated Cover Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 17 The Naughty Ogg Dog Animated Cover Cover

The Naughty Ogg Dog

One sunny morning on Planet Ogg, Ogglebog friends Blobbo, Rocco, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko were all coming down Bubble Mountain. 

They had all just had their very favourite breakfast of Ogglecakes at the Oggle Café.

Suddenly they heard a noise. “Meow, Meow!” But this “Meow, Meow!”  was quite loud. 

Ogglebogs walking down bubble mountain.

Rocco said, “Blazing bananas! It’s that naughty Ogg Dog again!” 

Yes, I know, it’s usually cats that go, “Meow, Meow!” and dogs that go “Woof, Woof”, but this is Planet Ogg after all and things are a bit different here.

Now, this particular Ogg Dog is called Frimble-Bop. It looks like a huge ball of bright red wool and has four stick legs. And two tails. Yes, I did say two tails. You see, all Ogg Dogs have two tails. You can tell when an Ogg Dog is happy when they wag one tail. But if an Ogg Dog is really, really happy, they wag both tails at the same time.

A red furred dog with two tails

Frimble-Bop came up to the friends and wagged both tails.

“He belongs to my old Uncle Buncle," said Twinko. “And sometimes does get quite naughty.”

“He seems a friendly kind of Ogg Dog,” said Oddo.

Blobbo said, “I was about to yawn up a plate of Ogglecakes last Hensday and the next thing I knew Frimble-Bop ran off with it. I was quite annoyed; I can tell you.”

Twinko said, “Naughty Frimble-Bop took my favourite Ogg Socks on Hattersday and chewed them up!”

Then the Ogglebog friends smelt something very stinky smelly.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz?” said Beepo.

Rocco said, “I know, Beepo, it smells like old dogs!”

“And last week’s boiled eggs,” added Oddo.

“Ewwwwww, so stinky, makes my legs go weak”, said Twinko, falling to the ground.

“Ewwwwww, so smelly,” said Coco and fell down, too.

“Get down, doggie!” said Blobbo.

“It's Frimble-Bop,” said Rocco, and pulled a face, “Phew, pooey, stinky!”

The ogglebogs covering their noses looking at the red dog

Coco and Twinko got back up.

“Smelly Frimble-Bop has been rolling in Blobweed,” said Blobbo. 

Now, you might remember that Blobweed is a stinky smelly plant. It grows next to the Ogg Bog in the middle of the planet. Sometimes Blobweeds go on the move.

Coco thought for a moment then said, “But how did Frimble-Bop find the Blobweed – it’s a long way off?”

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“When did you see the Blobweed, Beepo?” asked Coco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” answered Beepo.

“This morning, outside your house!” said Oddo.

“What’s Blobweed doing there?” asked Rocco. 

Blobbo said, “I saw it too. I was just coming back from getting some more bath custard and I saw something move outside Beepo’s house.”

Blobbo holding a bucket with purple custard in is pointing at green bush with red flowers.

“Was it a Riplat?” asked Coco.

“No, everyone knows a Riplat when they see one,” said Blobbo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Beepo’s right,” said Rocco, “About this time of year Blobweed like to move around. They try to find places where they can grow bigger and stinkier.”

“Well, we don’t want to accidentally trip over and fall in any stinky Blobweed!” said Oddo.

Coco thought for a minute and said, “Blobweed pretends to be rosebushes, remember?”

The red rosebush with purple glasses and a black moustache on it.

“What if they don’t like nice smells?” Asked Oddo.

“Why don’t we find those Blobweeds and make sure they stop coming near our houses?” asked Rocco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Now that’s another good idea, Beepo,” said Oddo, “We can buy some good smells from the WhimWhams toyshop!

They all set off down Bubble Mountain, right past the Mushmallow Forest and soon they were at WhimWhams.

The toyshop-keepers are two Ogglebog twins called Whimmo and Whammo.

As Rocco and friends went in, a little bell rang with a “Ting-a-ling.” 

Behind the counter stood the two long, thin, bright blue Ogglebogs. They looked exactly the same as each other. They both had big, happy smiles on their faces.

Whimmo and Whammo waving at Rocco.

“Hello,” said Rocco, “I’ve forgotten which one of you is Whimmo and which one is Whammo.”

“Yes,” they both said at once.

“Ah, I see,” said Rocco.

“We need some good smellies, please. Not stinky yucky smellies but nice ones,” said Blobbo.

One of the toy-shopkeepers said, “Blobweed, is it?”

“How did you know?” asked Twinko.

“Lots of other Ogglebogs have come in today and they all bought Flimrose petals. Blobweeds don’t like the smell and it makes them run away,” said the other toy-shopkeeper.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Yes Beepo, we had better get back,” said Twinko.

The other toy-shopkeeper handed Rocco a bag of sweet-smelling Flimrose petals. 

Whimmo and Whammo handing Rocco a little purple bag.

“They smell a bit like cake,” said Whimmo. Or was it Whammo?

“I wonder if you can eat them,” thought Blobbo.

Rocco paid and said thank you to the toy-shopkeepers and they all set off.

Soon they were at Beepo’s house. And outside were Blobweeds just sitting around. Some were even moving around on the ground. The smell was awful!

Rocco opened the bag of Flimrose petals and every Ogglebog friend grabbed a handful. Then they slowly went up to the Blobweeds, holding their noses.

They threw petals at each Blobweed and immediately the stinky old plants started moving. Faster and faster they went until there was not one single Blobweed left.

The ogglebogs stood outside some houses, holding their noses.

“Good,” said Twinko, “And I hope they don’t come back!”

“I know,” said Oddo, “Let’s make Frimble-Bop roll in some Flimrose petals then he won’t smell so stinky bad anymore.”

“Great idea,” said Coco.

They threw all the Flimrose petals they had left onto the ground. Then they caught the naughty Ogg Dog who said, “Meow, Meow!”

They rolled Frimble-Bop over and over on the petals until all stinky smells had gone.

The dog looking happy, the ogglebogs hands throwing pink petals at the dog.

“All this excitement has made me hungry again,” said Blobbo. “Ogglecakes anyone?”

The End

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