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The Ogglebogs Episode 3 Twinko Trips Over Animated Cover Cover
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The Ogglebogs Episode 3 Twinko Trips Over Animated Cover Cover

Twinko Trips Over

One fine morning Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo and Beepo were all sitting at their usual table at the Oggle Café on Bubble Mountain. 

They were waiting for their friend Twinko so they could start to eat their very favourite breakfast of Ogglecakes.

“Anyone seen Twinko?” asked Rocco.

Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo and Beepo sit around a table, A question mark is in an empty space around the table.

“Should be here by now and I’m getting really, really hungry for my Ogglecakes,” wailed Blobbo.

“We always eat breakfast together, naughty Blobbo,” said Coco, “you will just have to wait.” 

They waited a bit longer, and then Blobbo said “Can I just have a few plims to eat, to keep me going?”

Plims are actually a delicious Ogg fruit and are shaped like a triangle.

“No, Blobbo, we must wait for Twinko and then we can eat,” said Rocco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Quite right,” said Oddo.

“Where can Twinko have got to?” asked Coco, “I’m getting a bit worried.”

“Hmmm,” said Rocco, “maybe we should set off to find Twinko. This is a bit unusual, I must say.”

“What, before breakfast?” moaned Blobbo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Yes, you are right, Beepo, friends are more important than tummies,” agreed Blobbo, “let’s go, shall we?”

“Go where?” asked Rocco.

“To find Twinko, silly,” said Blobbo, “remember?”

“Oh, yes, of course, I think we should go and look for Twinko right away,” said Rocco.

“You are a bit forgetful at times, Rocco,” said Oddo.

“I was just thinking about something else,” answered Rocco. 

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz?” said Beepo.

“I was thinking about when everyone said I was silly for losing my crayons when it was the Riplats who took them, after all,” answered Rocco. 

“I remember that, naughty Riplats,” said Oddo.

“And I was thinking that maybe the Riplats have got something to do with Twinko being late for breakfast!” said Rocco, “we should set off to Twinko’s house to look.”

They all thought this was a very good idea as they were getting a little bit worried.

Rocco said, “Oddo, you stay here just in case Twinko turns up. Off we go!”

Rocco, Blobbo, Coco and Beepo set off down the Bubble Mountain and soon arrived at the Mushmallow Forest.

“Twinko always comes along this way,” said Coco.  

They all looked around but they couldn’t find Twinko anywhere. 

Then Rocco had a great idea.

“Beepo, can you fly up in the air and see if you can see Twinko from high up?” asked Rocco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

Beepo flying through a blue sky with stars and clouds. Yellow mushroom plants below.

The Ogglebogs watched as Beepo flew up in the air looking around in all directions for Twinko. 

Finally, Beepo landed on the ground looking tired out. 

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz” said Beepo.

“Yes, I see, Beepo, you can’t fly high enough to look over the tops of the mushmallows,” said Rocco, “you rest down here because I’ve had another idea. Follow me!”

Rocco led the other Ogglebogs to the biggest and tallest mushmallow in the whole of the Mushmallow Forest. There was a little door in the mushmallow and with a little push it was open.

A tall yellow mushmallow plant in the shape of a mushroom. Inside is a red spiral staircase.

In they all went and in front of them were some steps. 

Now, these steps are called toadsteps and when you climb them they make a funny noise, which sounds a bit like ‘knee-deep, knee-deep.’ More like a frog, really.

Rocco, Blobbo and Coco climbed up and up inside the mushmallow, up the toadsteps that made their funny sounds. Blobbo thought it was the funniest sound in the world and laughed with every single step.

At last they reached the very top and came out to a place called Mushmallow Lookout Point. 

Rocoo, Blobbo and Coco popping out the top of a mushmallow. The sky and forest are behind.

“We are quite a long way up now, aren’t we!” said Rocco.

“Yes, and I can see right across the tops of all the mushmallows in the Mushmallow Forest!” said Blobbo, “wait, what’s that down below? I can see something pink and fluffy, with very long legs.”

“Yippee!” yelled Rocco, “let’s get down there, now we know where Twinko is.”

Down and down they climbed round the inside of the mushmallow with the toadsteps making their ‘knee-deep, knee-deep’ sounds and Blobbo laughing all the time.

Beepo was waiting for them. 

“We know where Twinko is,” said Blobbo.

They all set off and soon they found Twinko sitting on the ground. 

“What happened?” asked Coco.

“Well, I was bouncing along as usual on my way to the Café and looking forward to my Ogglecake breakfast. All of a sudden I was tripped up.” said Twinko, “one minute the path was clear and the next minute I tripped and nearly went splodge into the stinky old Ogg Bog. Thank goodness I’ve got long legs!”

“Sounds like a Riplat to me,” said Coco, “there are lots of them all round here. They just love playing tricks on Ogglebogs!”

Of course, it might just be that Twinko’s great long legs may have been the reason for the trip up. Or maybe it was the Riplats after all.

Rocco said, “Come on, Twinko, let’s help you up and you can tell us all about it back at the Oggle Café – I bet you are really hungry!”

“I certainly am,” said Blobbo.

They reached out and pulled Twinko up off the ground. 

All the ogglebogs sat at a table with one purple ogglecake in the middle of the table.

Soon they were all back at their usual table at the Café where Oddo was waiting for them.

“I was lucky, wasn’t I?” said Twinko, “it could have been worse – I could have ended up falling in the Ogg Bog and smelling of old dogs and last week’s boiled eggs. Thanks everyone, for finding me!” 

“That’s what friends are for!” said Rocco.

The End

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Benefits of reading The Ogglebogs - Twinko Trips Over

This short story covers the themes of friendship and kindness. Twinko Trips Over is written and narrated in the third person. We recommend children with a reading age of 3+.

Who are the main characters in The Ogglebogs - Twinko Trips Over

The main character in The Ogglebogs series is a friendly alien called Rocco. This is a fantasy story series set on Planet Ogg.