Episode 3 - Twinko Trips Over

Original Series    3-5 yrs    8 mins  •  5/5

In Episode 1 we met Rocco and friends. In Episode 2 we followed Rocco and Blobbo to the bucket cave. And in this episode one of The Ogglebogs is missing. But who is it and what happened? Or read our other spectacular bedtime stories.

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Episode 3 - Twinko Trips Over

One fine morning Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo and Beepo were all sitting at their usual table at the Oggle Café on Bubble Mountain. 

They were waiting for their friend Twinko so they could start to eat their very favourite breakfast of Ogglecakes.

‘Anyone seen Twinko?’ asked Rocco.

‘Should be here by now and I’m getting really, really hungry for my Ogglecakes,’ wailed Blobbo.

‘We always eat breakfast together, naughty Blobbo,’ said Coco, ‘you will just have to wait.’ 

They waited a bit longer, and then Blobbo said ‘can I just have a few plims to eat, to keep me going?’

Plims are actually a delicious Ogg fruit and are shaped like a triangle.

‘No, Blobbo, we must wait for Twinko and then we can eat,’ said Rocco.

‘Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,’ said Beepo.

‘Quite right,’ said Oddo.

‘Where can Twinko have got to?’ asked Coco, ‘I’m getting a bit worried.’

‘Hmmm,’ said Rocco, ‘maybe we should set off to find Twinko. This is a bit unusual, I must say.’

‘What, before breakfast?’ moaned Blobbo.

‘Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,’ said Beepo.

‘Yes, you are right, Beepo, friends are more important than tummies,’ agreed Blobbo, ‘let’s go, shall we?’

‘Go where?’ asked Rocco.

‘To find Twinko, silly,’ said Blobbo, ‘remember?’

‘Oh, yes, of course, I think we should go and look for Twinko right away,’ said Rocco.

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