The Ogglebogs Story Series: Episode 24 - Old Toys and New Friends Animated Cover CoverNew

The Ogglebogs Story Series: Episode 24 - Old Toys and New Friends

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The Ogglebogs Story Series: Episode 24 - Old Toys and New Friends Animated Cover CoverNew

The Ogglebogs Story Series: Episode 24 - Old Toys and New Friends

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Old Toys and New Friends

One sunny morning, bestest Ogglebog friends Rocco, Coco, Oddo, Blobbo, Beepo and Twinko were sitting at their usual table at the Oggle Café on Bubble Mountain.

They were munching their favourite yummy Ogglecake breakfast.

Just then Twinko looked out of the window.

High up in the sky, a great big, carrot-shaped rocket was coming down to land. 

A red rocket flying past bubble mountain ahd the ogglecafe. The Ogglecafe is a pink teapot shaped building, Twinko is in the window.

“Oooh, it’s our friends Splish and Splosh from Planet Flurp,” said Twinko. 

“We’ll go and say hello,” said Blobbo.

After breakfast, they all set off down Bubble Mountain. There at the bottom were Splish and Splosh. You might remember that Splish and Splosh were tiny little aliens with red trousers. They wore red hats that looked a little bit like upside-down trumpets.

The little aliens were using bath-custard buckets to collect water from the Treetaps. 

“Looks like their rocket must have run out of water again,” said Blobbo.

Spish and sposh are little yellow people wearing tall red hats and red dungarees. They are pushing large buckets with purple water in.

Rocco said, “Twinko, you speak Flurp. Can you please say hello from all of us?”

Twinko went over and spoke to Splish and Splosh, “Pleep, ploop, foop, ploon?”

Splish said, “Plack, plick, plark!”

Twinko asked, “Plack, plick, plark?” 

Splosh said, “Grimp.” Then both the aliens looked a bit sad. 

“What did they say, Twinko?” asked Oddo

“They do look a bit sad,” said Coco.

All the ogglebogs standing listening to Splish and splosh. They look concerned.

Twinko said, “They are both very well but they want to tell us something sad about toys.”

“Toys?” asked Blobbo.

“Yes, you know, Blobbo, the things everyone loves to play with,” answered Rocco.

“Oh yes,” said Blobbo. “But the things I like best are the things I can eat. Things like Ogglecakes. Well, mainly Ogglecakes, really. Sometimes I like Igglecakes, especially when I go on holiday!”

Twinko went on, “Splish and Splosh said there is a planet not far away. The alien children there haven’t got any toys to play with. All their toys have been stolen by Thieva-Goons.”

“Stolen by Thieva-Goons?” asked Blobbo.

“Who are they?” asked Coco.

“Yes, who?” asked Oddo.

“Thieva-Goons are from planet Spledge,” replied Twinko. “They go from planet to planet stealing toys. And, by the way, Thieva-Goons are very smelly because they never wash.” 

“Dirty stinkers,” said Blobbo, “But why do they steal toys?”

“Because they just don’t like seeing happy young aliens,” said Twinko. “Splish and Splosh said if we have any spare toys, they can take them to the alien children.”

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“That’s a good idea, Beepo, we should go home to look for any spare toys,” said Rocco.

The Ogglebog friends went back to their funny-looking houses to look for spare toys. 

Soon, every Ogglebog friend had a big bag filled with fun toys. They all went back to Splish and Splosh.

Splish and Splosh pulling toy out of a purple polka dot bag.

When they saw all the toys, Splish said, “Ploot!”

Twinko said, “They are very happy with the toys but if we can find any more that would be even better.”

“They said all that by saying ‘Ploot?’” asked Rocco.

“Yes,” replied Twinko.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“What a great idea, Beepo!” said Rocco, “We can see if there are any leftover toys at WhimWhams toyshop!”

Then Splosh said, “Flit.”

“Splosh said if we leave all the toys at the bottom of Bubble Mountain the Thieva-Goons would know. Then they would land in their rocket and steal them, too,” said Twinko.

“All Splosh said was ‘flit’”, said Rocco.

“Never mind, Rocco,” answered Twinko.

The Ogglebog friends set off to the toyshop.

They went past the Mushmallow Forest and Auntie Blibbo’s house. Soon they were outside WhimWhams, Planet Ogg’s very best toyshop. 

A blue and yellow building with a colourful sign saying Whim Whams above the door.

Rocco and friends went in and a little bell rang, “Ting-a-ling.” 

The toyshop-keepers were two Ogglebog twins called Whimmo and Whammo.

The two long, thin, bright blue Ogglebogs looked exactly the same as each other. They both had big, happy smiles.

“Hello, Whimmo and Whammo,” said Rocco.

“Hello,” they both said at the same time.

“We need some old toys, please. Toys that can be given to other alien children to play with,” asked Blobbo.

Whimmo, or was it Whammo, said, “What about a Squoggling Squirter? We’ve got some of those left over.”

Blobbo had a thinking face on. “A Squoggling Squirter.” 

Twinko had a thinking face on as well. “Hmmm, a Squoggling Squirter.”

Rocco said, “A Squoggling Squirter! That gives me an idea!”

“Me too,” said Blobbo.

“Me too,” said Twinko.

Whimmo and Whammo holding blue turtle looking toys.

Now, a Squoggling Squirter is like a kind of giant water pistol. 

Then Coco said, “We can fill it up with Bog water, that’s stinky, smelly.”

“And squirt it at those horrible, smelly aliens,” added Oddo.

“When they come down to steal the toys!” said Coco.

Twinko said, “Not Bog water. They would actually like that, because it's stinky.”

Rocco thought and said, “That’s true. Wait, I’ve had an idea! Bath custard, they won’t like that one bit!”

Oddo laughed and said, “Then they will smell nice for the very first time ever!”

Coco laughed too and said, “Best idea you’ve had all day, Rocco!”

Blobbo laughed and said, “Squirting the Thieva-Goons with bath custard is brilliant!”

Whimmo, or was it Whammo, said, “You can have two Squoggling Squirters for nothing!”

Then Whammo, or was it Whimmo, said, “Because we don’t like Thieva-Goons one bit.”

The Ogglebog friends got busy. They fetched buckets and buckets of bath custard from the Custard Lake. Then they set the Squoggling Squirters up at the bottom of Bubble Mountain. Then they filled the Squoggling Squirters up with bath custard.

Splish and Splosh thought it was a great idea and they laughed and laughed.

The ogglebogs pouring liquid into the blue toys. Splish and Splosh are rolling on the floor laughing.

Then everyone hid behind Splish and Splosh’s rocket.

They didn’t have to wait long. Down came a rocket that looked horrible. It was covered in dirt and rust. 

“Tooble, tooble, pling, plot, plarple,” said Splish.

“It’s the Thieva-Goons, all right,” said Twinko.

A door in the rocket opened. And out came two of the dirtiest, stinkiest aliens anyone had ever seen. They were dark green with hairy purple spots down their backs. They looked a bit like giant toads. One was bigger than the other.

The Thieva-Goons saw the toys and made a horrible laughing sound, “Heff, heff, heff.”

Two green and purple polka dot furry frog like creatures looking happily at a pile of toys.

They went towards the toys. Just then, Rocco shouted, “FIRE!”

The Squoggling Squirters sent great gooey gushes of bath custard up in the air. And landed, splodge, right on top of the two Thieva-Goons. 

“Fire again,” shouted Rocco.

Once more, the Squoggling Squirters sent up great gooey gushes of bath custard. And fell, splodge, right on the heads of the two Thieva-Goons.

“Pooooooh, smells so nice, it's horrible!!” shouted the biggest Thieva-Goon. 

“Ee-urrgh,” yelled the other Thieva-Goon.

“I’ve never smelt so nice in my whole life!” shouted the biggest Thieva-Goon. The bath custard dripped down his face.

The Thieva-Goons having purple liquid poured over their heads.

“It’s disgusting,” yelled the other Thieva-Goon, as he was covered in bath custard.

“Let’s go,” said the biggest Thieva-Goon.

They both got into their smelly old rocket and took off as fast as they could.

Splish and Splosh and the Ogglebog friends couldn’t stop laughing.

Rocco said, “Now the alien children will have toys to play with.”

“Let’s go back to the Oggle Café for Ogglecakes, everyone!” said Blobbo.

The Ogglebogs walking towards the Ogglecafe.

“Ferg, gip, gip, goon!” said Splish.

“Yes, Ogglecakes to celebrate,” said Twinko, with a big smile.

The End

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