Magic Tricks

Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko were at their usual table in the Oggle Café.

They had all munched their favourite ogglecake breakfast. Except for Blobbo. Now, that was a real mystery because Blobbo liked ogglecakes more than anything else.

A purple ogglecake, with green icing and a pink oggleberry sits on a plate which is on a green table. Blobbo and Twinko are looking at the ogglecake with excitement. Blobbo's mouth is wide open, showing a big pink tongue, and five large teeth. Blobbo's hands are over Blobbo's open mouth. Twinko is wide eyed and has a toothy grin.

Twinko said, “Blobbo, you haven’t eaten your ogglecake.”

“This has never happened before,” said Coco.

“Never,” said Oddo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“Could be, Beepo,” said Rocco. “Have you got a tummy ache, Blobbo?”

“No, no, nothing like that. Those are very nice ogglecakes,” said Blobbo, “but I…”

“But you?” asked Coco.

“But what?” asked Oddo.

“I’m so excited, I can’t even eat an ogglecake,” said Blobbo.

“It must be something very big to put you off your ogglecake,” said Rocco.

“Oh, I’m bursting to tell you all,” said Blobbo.

“Please don’t burst, Blobbo,” said Coco.

“We wouldn’t like that,” said Oddo.

“Well, I’ll tell you, then. It’s so exciting,” Blobbo answered. “It all began when I went to see my Auntie Blibbo, who needed some more bath custard.”

Blobbo is standing outside Aunt Blibbo's front door. Blobbo is holding a grey bucket with purple bath custard dripping on the side. Aunt Blibbo is at the doorway of the house. Aunt Blibbo has big red lips and orange hair. The inside of Aunt Blibbo's house is painted in orange and yellow stripes.

“That doesn’t sound very exciting,” said Twinko.

“Not very exciting at all,” said Coco.

“Quite right, it isn’t,” said Oddo.

“I haven’t got to the exciting bit yet,” said Blobbo.

“Bath custard is very nice,” said Coco.

“I have a custard bath every day,” said Oddo.

Blobbo carried on, “I’ll tell you. Auntie Blibbo had a picture of an Ogglebog in a magician’s hat and told me it’s my Uncle Marvelo – a real magician!”

Aunt Blibbo and Blobbo are standing next to each other. Blobbo's mouth is wide open in excitement. The wall behind them is painted in yellow and orange stripes. On the wall is a photo frame with Uncle Marvelo in it. Uncle Marvelo is wearing a red magician's cloak and a red pointed magician's hat with green stars on it. Uncle Marvelo is grinning widely.

“A real magician?” asked Rocco.

“Oh, that is exciting,” said Coco.

“Very exciting,” said Oddo.

“I’d love to see a magic show,” said Twinko.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“Here’s the really, really exciting bit,” said Blobbo. “Uncle Marvelo lives on the other side of Planet Ogg, but is visiting Auntie Blibbo today and wants to put on a show for us! That’s why I’m so excited.”

“Where will the show be?” asked Rocco.

“Here,” said Blobbo.

“And when?” asked Twinko.

“Any minute now,” answered Blobbo. “That’s why I’m so excited!”

“Now I’m excited, too!” said Twinko.

Soon, people started arriving at the Oggle Café.

The Ogglebog twins, Whimmo and Whammo, from WhimWhams toyshop came in.

So did Blobbo’s Auntie Blibbo, Tracko the engine driver and the tiny little inventor, Biggleboggle. Splish and Splosh from Planet Flurp arrived.

The ogglecafe is full. There's aunt Blibbo, tracko with a big yellow moustache and dressed in green. Whim and Wham are at the door, waving hello with big grins. There's also Biggleboggle and Spilsh and Splosh.

Finally, in came Frimble-Bop, the naughty ogg dog, who was happily wagging both tails.

Everyone sat on chairs in a circle, their eyes wide with excitement. As they chatted and giggled, they couldn’t wait to see the magic.

Suddenly, there was a great big POP! Bright-orange smoke swirled around the café.

Then, a long, thin Ogglebog appeared. It was Uncle Marvelo,  wearing a sparkling robe and a tall, pointed hat with a star on top.

Uncle Marvelo is at the ogglecafe, arms outstretched. There is a glow of magic, with some yellow stars around his hands. Uncle Marvelo's red robe with green stars flows to the ground. The red pointed magicians hat has a green star at the top. Uncle Marvelo is surrounded by lots of orange smoke.

With a twinkle in the eye, Uncle Marvelo greeted everyone with a grand bow and a wink.  

“Hello, my friends! Ogglebogs and aliens, everyone is welcome. My name is The Marvellous Mr Marvelo. Are you ready to be amazed by the magic I bring today?”

Everyone cheered and Frimble-Bop went, “Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!” and wagged both tails.

 Then Mr Marvelo began the amazing show.

“Welcome, my friends, to the world of magic and wonder!” The magician pointed to a big, empty stage that had appeared seemingly out of thin air. “Get ready for a magical adventure!”

Mr Marvelo reached into the magician’s hat and pulled out a bunch of beautiful rainbow-coloured flowers, then waved a wand. Then, to everyone’s surprise, the flowers just vanished into thin air.

Mr Marvelo is waving a brown magic wand which has a pink sphere at the top. Colorful stars and sparks appear from the tip of the wand. The ogglebog friends watch in amazement.

“Blazing bananas,” said Rocco, with a gasp.

“Where did they go?” asked Twinko.

Mr Marvelo smiled mysteriously and said, “Magicians never tell their secrets!!”

Next, Mr Marvelo took out a pack of cards and asked Twinko to pick one. Twinko chose the Queen of Hearts. With a snap of the magician’s fingers, the Queen of Hearts began to dance and twirl in the air.

Everyone clapped and laughed as the card danced about in the air.

“Blazing bananas again!” said Rocco, with another gasp.

Then Mr Marvelo pulled out a little pink ogglehop from the hat.

Oh, I’d better tell you. An ogglehop is a fluffy little pink creature that looks a bit like a rabbit. They have long whiskers and four little ears.

Mr Marvelo's blue hand grips the four ears of a pink ogglehop. The ogglehop looks like a rabbit, with two of its front teeth protruding downwards, whiskers and a fluffy tail.

Everyone watched the fluffy ogglehop hop about. Mr Marvelo waved a magic wand. And suddenly, the ogglehop disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Rocco gasped in amazement.

Blobbo said, “I’ll say it for you, Rocco. Blazing bananas!”

“Where did the ogglehop go?” wondered Coco.

“It must be somewhere,” said Oddo.

Mr Marvelo winked and said, “Sometimes, the magic is in the mystery! And that, everyone, is the end of my show.”

Twinko said, “Thank you, Mr Marvelo. That was the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Mr Marvelo smiled and took a bow.

Mr Marvelo takes a bow while standing on a blue stage, that is decorated with yellow stars and pink spots. As Mr Marvelo bows, one hand holds the pink hat, and the other is on his chest. Around Mr Marvelo, the audience watches with huge smiles.

“Amazing,” said Coco.

“Never seen anything like it,” said Oddo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

Rocco said, “Blazing…”

And before Rocco could finish, everyone yelled out, “BANANAS!”

Just then, Mr Marvelo said, “But I’ll let you into a little secret,” then took off the magician’s hat and pulled out the little ogglehop.

Then, Mr Marvelo asked Twinko to come on the stage and told Twinko to hold out a hand. Suddenly, there was a pile of confetti on Twinko’s hand. Mr Marvelo waved a hand over the pile of confetti, then threw it up in the air. It turned into a shower of glittering stars that filled the cafe.

Mr Marvelo is showering confetti in the air above Twinko. The confetti has yellow stars and little colorful circles in glowing smoke. The Ogghop peeps from behind Mr Marvelo's pointed hat.

Everyone clapped and cheered and laughed. They had never seen such wonderful things before.

Then Whimmo and Whammo, Blobbo’s Auntie Blibbo, Mr Marvelo, Tracko, Biggleboggle, Splish and Splosh all sat at tables.

Out came Pasto with trays of delicious ogglecakes.

Frimble-Bop was happily wagging both tails.

“I think I can make at least three ogglecakes completely disappear!” said Blobbo, laughing.

The ogglebog friends and everyone who came to watch the show are seated at tables waiting for their ogglecakes. Tracko, coco, aunt Blibbo and Whim (or Wham) are at the table in the front. Blobbo, Twinko, Rocco, Biggleboggle, Oddo and Wham (or whim) are sitting at the table at the back. Pasto is carrying two plates of ogglecakes in two arms. Frimble Bop is seated beside Pasto's feet.


The End

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