The Ogglebogs Episode 6 Ogglebogs At The Seaside Animated Cover Cover
The Ogglebogs Episode 6 Ogglebogs At The Seaside Animated Cover Cover

Ogglebogs At The Seaside

It was a lovely sunny morning at the Oggle Café on Bubble Mountain. 

Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko had all just finished their Ogglecake breakfast. 

Rocco stood up and said “Now, I’ve got a special treat for us all today!”

“Oh, wow,” said Blobbo.

“What is it?” asked Oddo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz?” said Beepo.

“We are all going to the seaside for the day!” said Rocco.

“Oh Rocco, that’s too far for me to slide,” said Oddo, looking sad.

“Don’t worry, Oddo,” said Rocco, “we are catching the bus!”

“You mean the Ogglebog Express?” asked Coco.

“Yes,” said Rocco, “it only runs once a year and I’ve got tickets for us all.”

Pasto came out of the kitchen with six little boxes.

“Here’s your picnics, everyone!” said Pasto and handed one out to each excited Ogglebog. 

“We’ve all got Oggleboxes with our names on!” said Twinko.

Rocco holding a red spade, Twinko holding a green bucket, both stood behind a table. Pasto hand is holding a tower of presents.

“What’s inside, I’m hungry?” said Blobbo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Yes, you will have to wait until we get to the seaside, Blobbo,” said Oddo.

“Come on Ogglebogs, the bus leaves in ten minutes,” said Rocco.

They all picked up their Oggleboxes and went down Bubble Mountain to the bus stop. They were all so excited, as you can imagine.

Soon, they could hear a pop, pop, pop sound and then the big orange bus arrived. The Ogglebog Express is a funny-looking bus, shaped like a triangle with a chimney sticking out of the top. And out of that chimney popped little green bubbles as it went along.

The Ogglebog friends helped each other onto the bus and got into their seats. 

And then, with a pop, pop, pop sound the bus started off.

A red triangle with windows on wheels. Green smoke puffing out the top.

They went past the Ogg Bog and then Coco said, “There’s the Mushmallow Forest!”

And then Blobbo said, “Look, it’s the Treetap Lookout Point over there!”

Twinko said, “funny how everything looks a bit different when you are going along on a bus.”

They went past fields of floating cabbages, upside-down carrots and Oggtatoes. Yes, everything grows a little bit differently on Planet Ogg. By the way, Oggtatoes are square and blue and taste a bit like chocolate.

It wasn’t very long until they arrived at the beach.

All the Ogglebogs got off the bus and it pop, pop, popped back down the road. 

The sky was blue, the sand golden yellow and the sea was a lovely shade of purple. 

The Ogglebogs all went along the beach, looking at all the new and exciting things. 

There were some very strange green banana-shaped birds flying around. The birds were called Clownbirds because they had red noses and liked to dance about on the sand making a silly laughing sound.

Twinko asked, “What’s that funny pink animal flying over the sea?”

Rocco said, “Has it got legs?”

Blobbo said, “Lots.”

Rocco said, “How many?”

“Three,” answered Coco.

“Count again,” said Rocco.

Oddo said, “Five!”

“Count again,” said Rocco. 

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!”

“Yes, Beepo, it’s got eight legs and its called an Oggtopus. They fly around making sure the beach is nice and clean. You see, Riplats sometimes leave the beach looking very messy,” said Rocco.

“Anyone hungry?” asked Blobbo, “because I am.”

“Do you think Pasto has made us some lovely sandwiches?” asked Twinko.

“Have they got sand in them?” asked Blobbo. 

Coco said “I hope not because they wouldn’t be very nice, all scrunchy scratchy in your mouth.” 

“Yuck,” said Oddo. 

Rocco said, “Of course they haven’t got sand in them. And there’s delicious Oggfruit, too.” 

‘“Why do they call them sandwiches then?” asked Blobbo. 

“Oh, I don’t know,” answered Rocco, “but if you eat everything up you can all have a special seaside treat.”

“Something to eat?” asked Blobbo.

“Yes, Blobbo” said Rocco, “you can have Ice-Lillies or Oggs Cream and a lovely drink of Oggleberryade!”

Once they had all eaten up their sandwiches and Oggfruit they all went over to the Oggs Cream van. 

The oglebogs sat on a blanket on a beach. The sea is purple.

After that they all sat on the sand as they licked and slurped and nom-nommed their Ice-Lillies and Oggs Creams. 

Then they all went along the beach again and picked up some beautiful blue Oggchin shells to take home. By the way, Oggchins are lovely little creatures that grow on rocks underwater and eat Sea Blobweed.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz.”

“Oh yes, thanks for reminding me, Beepo. The bus will be here in about five minutes and we had better get back to the bus stop,” said Rocco, “now who has got the tickets?”

“I haven’t got them,” said Blobbo.

“Blazing bananas, I don’t know where they are,” said Rocco, “oh, dear, oh, dear!”

The Ogglebogs looked everywhere along the beach and there was no sign of the tickets. 

In the distance they could hear the pop, pop, pop sound of the Ogglebog Express coming along.

“What are we going to do, we haven’t got tickets?” said Coco.

Just then a pink Oggtopus flew up to them and said “Are these yours” and showed them the tickets. “We were doing a beach clean at the Oggs Cream van and they were lying on the sand.”

A pink Octopus like creature holding a ticket in each tentacle and wearing a stripey hat.

“I must have dropped them! Yes, yes, they are our tickets! Oh, thank you so much, er, what should we call you?” said Rocco.

“Oliver, Octavian, Omir, Oscar, Odysseus, Orville Oggtopus is my full name, but you can call me Ollie,” said the Oggtopus.

“Oh, thank you, Ollie,” said Twinko.

“We might have not have got home in time for our dinner,” said Blobbo.

“Yes, thanks Ollie from all of us,” said Oddo.

Soon they were all back on the bus feeling very happy as the Ogglebog Express took them back to the bus stop at Bubble Mountain.

Pasto was waiting for them at the Café with Oggburgers for supper. 

Pasto looking at Rocco holding up a shell. Blobbo sits at a table eating a burger.

Six very tired Ogglebogs handed their Oggleboxes back to Pasto and Twinko gave Pasto the prettiest beautiful blue Oggchin shell as a thank you.

“That was the best day ever!” said Coco.

“It was brilliant,” said Blobbo and munched away at the delicious Oggburger.

“It was, wasn’t it and now we will have to think of another Oggtastic adventure!” said Rocco. 

The End

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Benefits of reading The Ogglebogs - Ogglebogs At The Seaside

This short story covers the themes of friendship and kindness. Ogglebogs At The Seaside is written and narrated in the third person. We recommend children with a reading age of 3+.

Who are the main characters in The Ogglebogs - Ogglebogs At The Seaside

The main character in The Ogglebogs series is a friendly alien called Rocco. This is a fantasy story series set on Planet Ogg.