The Ogglebogs Episode 6 Ogglebogs At The Seaside

Episode 6 - Ogglebogs At The Seaside

Original Series    3-5 yrs    8 mins  •  5/5

In Episode 6 Rocco has a great idea. A trip to the seaside. But how will they get there? And what kind of funny creatures will they find on their adventure? Read the full story to find out. Or read our other spectacular bedtime stories.

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Episode 6 - Ogglebogs At The Seaside

It was a lovely sunny morning at the Oggle Café on Bubble Mountain. 

Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko had all just finished their Ogglecake breakfast. 

Rocco stood up and said ‘Now, I’ve got a special treat for us all today!’

‘Oh, wow,’ said Blobbo.

‘What is it?’ asked Oddo.

‘Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz?’ said Beepo.

‘We are all going to the seaside for the day!’ said Rocco.

‘Oh Rocco, that’s too far for me to slide,’ said Oddo, looking sad.

‘Don’t worry, Oddo,’ said Rocco, ‘we are catching the bus!’

‘You mean the Ogglebog Express?’ asked Coco.

‘Yes,’ said Rocco, ‘it only runs once a year and I’ve got tickets for us all.’

Pasto came out of the kitchen with six little boxes.

‘Here’s your picnics, everyone!’ said Pasto and handed one out to each excited Ogglebog. 

‘We’ve all got Oggleboxes with our names on!’ said Twinko.

The Ogglebogs Episode 6 Oggleboxes

‘What’s inside, I’m hungry?’ said Blobbo.

‘Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,’ said Beepo.

‘Yes, you will have to wait until we get to the seaside, Blobbo,’ said Oddo.

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