The Ogglebogs Story Series Episode 21 An OggleTrain Adventure Animated Cover Cover
The Ogglebogs Story Series Episode 21 An OggleTrain Adventure Animated Cover Cover

An OggleTrain Adventure

It was a sunny morning on Planet Ogg. Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko were at the Oggle Café at the top of Bubble Mountain. They had just finished munching their yummy Ogglecake breakfast.

Suddenly Blobbo did a sneeze. Well, it was part of a sneeze and it sounded like “a-tish.”

Rocco laughed and said, “Where’s your choo, Blobbo?”

Rocco laughs as blobbo sneezes into a tissue.

“You always need a choo or it wouldn’t be a proper sneeze,” said Coco.

Oddo said, “A-tish choo.”

Twinko giggled and said, “Choo, choo, choo!”

Blobbo laughed and said, “You sound like the OggleTrain, choo, choo, choo!”

Oddo said, “You forgot the ding, ding.”

Coco said, “Yes, that’s right, the OggleTrain always goes choo, choo, choo, ding, ding!”

“It’s been a long time since we went on the OggleTrain,” said Twinko.

Blobbo sneezed again, “A-tish.”

“Choo, choo, choo!” said Coco.

“Choo, choo, choo, ding, ding!” laughed Oddo.

“I’ve just had a brilliant idea,” said Rocco, “We should all go on an adventure on the OggleTrain today!”

“Choo, choo, choo, ding, ding!” laughed Blobbo, “And we can have a picnic!”

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo as he flew off into the kitchen.

Pasto was very kind and came out with six little boxes.

The Ogglebogs sitting at a table wathcing Pasto carrying boxes of food and Ogglecakes towards them.

“Picnic boxes, everyone!” he said and handed one little Ogglebox to each excited Ogglebog. 

“I wonder what’s inside, I’m hungry again,” said Blobbo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Quite right, Beepo, Blobbo has only just had breakfast!” said Twinko.

Oddo said, “Yes, Blobbo, you will have to wait until we get to…. Where are we going today, Rocco?”

“To the very best picnic place on the whole of Planet Ogg. It’s called… what’s it called, Beepo?”

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Of course,” said Rocco, “Pink River Fields! We have to get to Oggford Halt, the main OggleTrain station.”

“Come on Ogglebogs, off we go,” said Blobbo, “the sooner we get to Pink River Fields the quicker I can have my picnic!” 

They all picked up their Oggleboxes and went down Bubble Mountain. 

They went past the Mushmallow Forest and past their funny little houses. Soon they got to the station. 

The Ogglebogs standing in front of a curvy purple house with round windows and a clock above the door.

“Here we are, Oggford Halt!” said Coco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo and flew off to get the tickets for everyone.

Soon they all heard: Choo, choo, choo, ding, ding! Choo, choo, choo, ding, ding!

The Ogglebogs were excited when the OggleTrain stopped at the station. Beepo flew back with the tickets.

The train engine was round and bright red with green stripes. It had a shiny silver chimney coming out of the top. Instead of smoke coming out of the chimney there was a sound. It went “Choo, choo, choo.” At the side of the engine was a bell.

The engine driver was called Tracko, a happy, smiling Ogglebog with a great big yellow moustache. He was shaped like a red triangle with a round green hat on top. Tracko had a special blue key that started the engine. He always kept the key in his pocket.

Tracko blowing a whistle, standing in front of a round red and green stripey engine. Smoke spelling Choo Choo is puffing out of the chimmney.

There were two bright green carriages where everyone could sit. 

The Ogglebog friends got in the carriage and into their seats. 

Just then they heard a noise. “Meow, Meow!” 

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

Rocco said, “Blazing bananas! That naughty Ogg Dog has jumped into the carriage!” 

Twinko said, “Naughty Frimble-Bop! What are you doing here?” 

Frimble-Bop wagged both tails.

Just then, Tracko rang the bell and, with a choo, choo, choo, ding, ding, the OggleTrain set off.

“Oh dear, looks like Frimble-Bop is coming with us,” said Coco.

“I hope he isn’t naughty,” said Oddo.

The Ogglebogs sitting in a carriage looking out of a window.

The OggleTrain went along the track and the Ogglebogs watched as blue fields and bright red Oggstacks whizzed by. 

Soon they could see a pink river. The OggleTrain slowed down.

“I expect Tracko will ring the bell now,” said Rocco.

And sure enough, The OggleTrain went choo, choo, choo, ding, ding.

The OggleTrain stopped, Tracko took the blue key from the engine and put it in his pocket.

“Yippee, Pink River Fields,” yelled Blobbo, “soon it will be picnic time!”

“Watch out for the Mousequitoes,” said Twinko.

Now, Mousequitoes are funny little insects that look like tiny mice with long tails. But they have wings and they like to eat cheese. If you say something silly, they fly away and won’t bother you.

The Ogglebog friends asked Tracko if he would like to share in their picnic. 

They all sat in the sunshine eating the delicious Ogglecakes, Oggwiches and Oggleberry juice that Pasto had packed for them.

“Very tasty, thanks,” said Tracko.  

“I hope no-one has got a cheese Oggwich – don’t let the Mousequitoes see it!”  said Coco. 

But Blobbo did have a cheese Oggwich. 

Just then a Mousequito landed on Blobbo’s hand. 

The Ogglebogs sat on a picnic blanket eating sandwich's. Bugs fly around Blobbo.

Coco laughed and said, “Hairy pyjamas!” 

Oddo laughed too and said, “Jumping onions!”

The Mousequito didn’t like the sound of those silly things and, with a little squeak, it flew off. 

After they had eaten every last bit of picnic, Twinko said, “What shall we do now?”

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Great idea, Beepo, we’ll look at the Pink River fish!” said Rocco.

Down they all went to the river.

They spent a long time looking at the strange yellow fish that looked like hedgehogs and had great big eyes. Then they saw a beautiful little yellow bird with red spots. 

The Ogglebogs sit beside a lake full of purple water and yellow fish like creatures.

“That’s a Spotted SpearOwl,” said Rocco, “They catch insects by throwing little sticks at them at night time.”

Tracko looked at his watch and said, “The OggleTrain leaves in five minutes everyone! All aboard.” 

The Ogglebogs all got into their bright green carriage.

But, oh dear. Tracko looked and looked in his pocket but he couldn’t find his special blue key. And that meant he couldn’t start the engine.

“Oh, no, it must have fallen out of my pocket,” he moaned.

Just then Frimble-Bop jumped into the carriage. He was wet all over. He shook himself and everyone got soaked.

“I knew he would be naughty,” said Oddo.

Suddenly, Frimble-Bop barked and when he opened his mouth a blue key dropped out.

Frimble-Bop shakes off purple liquid. A blue key is lying in front of him.

“Frimble-Bop has found the key!” yelled Twinko.

“It must have fallen in the river,” said Tracko, “Good Ogg Dog!!”

Frimble-Bop wagged both his tails.

“Good old Frimble-Bop, we’re glad you jumped on the OggleTrain today!” said Rocco.

Tracko started up the OggleTrain and rang the bell. With a choo, choo, choo, ding, ding, the OggleTrain set off back home.

The Ogglebog friends were tired after such an exciting day. 

Back at the Oggle Café, Blobbo said, “Frimble-Bop can come with us on our next adventure!”

Blobbo petting Frimble-Bop.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo. 

The End

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