Bubble Fun

It was a sunny morning at the Oggle Café. Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko had just munched their favourite ogglecake breakfast.

The Oggle Café is at the end of the clouds, right on top of Bubble Mountain. It’s called Bubble Mountain because… well, I expect you know the next bit… That’s right, it’s made of bubbles!

Once, silly old Blobbo accidentally yawned up one of the bubbles and floated up in the air. The Ogglebog friends had to help bring Blobbo down again.

Bubble Mountain is surrounded by turquoise bubbles. There are three green birds playing in the bubbles. Ogglecafe sits at the top of bubble mountain, it is pink and shaped like a kettle. Blobbo looks like an inflated balloon and is floating above ogglecafe.

But on this particular morning, Pasto the baker was looking out of the café window.

Blobbo said, “Pasto, those were the best ogglecakes ever!”

Pasto didn’t seem to hear.

Blobbo said, “I really enjoyed munching those ogglecakes, Pasto.”

“Me too,” said Coco. 

“And me too,” said Oddo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

Then Pasto turned round and said, “Can you see that?”

He pointed to a big stripy box up in the sky. The box was floating gently down.

The Ogglebog friends all looked out of the window.

Pasto is standing by the window of the ogglecafe. Pasto is pointing at a large box floating in the sky. The box has turquoise and light blue stripes.

Rocco said, “It’s a big stripy box and it’s floating gently down.”

“Yes, we can all see that,” said Twinko.

“Yes, we can,” said Coco.

“That’s right, anyone can see that,” said Oddo.

“I wonder if there are ogglecakes inside?” said Blobbo. “But they won’t be as nice as Pasto’s.”

“Don’t be silly, Blobbo. Why would a big stripy box come down from the sky with ogglecakes inside?” said Twinko, laughing.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“Yes, Beepo,” said Rocco, “we should all go down and have a look.” 

“You never know what you might find inside that box,” said Pasto, with a big grin.

By now, the box had landed at the bottom of Bubble Mountain.

The Ogglebog friends all went down. They stood in a circle looking at the box. 

The ogglebog friends are standing around the big striped box. The box is very big, and towers over them.

Then Twinko noticed something. “There’s writing on the side, look!”

Twinko was right. On one side of the big box were words that spelled out: ‘BUBBLE FUN FOR EVERYONE’. 

“Bubble fun at the bottom of Bubble Mountain!” said Rocco.

On the other side of the box were the words: ‘OPEN ME NOW’.

“Well, we may as well open it, then,” said Blobbo. “Careful now.”

The Ogglebog friends were very careful when they opened the stripy box. They found a piece of paper with writing on. 

Rocco said, “Can you read it out, please, Twinko?”

Twinko is holding a piece of paper with both hands, wide eyed and smiling.

Twinko picked up the piece of paper and read, “When you have finished with me, please pack everything up and I will float away again.”

The Ogglebog friends looked inside the box. Inside were all sorts of bubble wands, a great big tub of bubble mix, a hula hoop and a giant bubble machine.

“Oooh, this looks like fun,” said Blobbo.

Twinko dipped a wand into the bubble mix and blew hard. A tiny bubble floated out and wobbled. Then, it floated up in the air and landed on Rocco’s nose, where it popped with a soft pop. The Ogglebog friends laughed when they saw this.

Then they all picked up wands and made lots of bubbles that floated all around the place. The Ogglebog friends went as fast as they could, trying to catch the bubbles before they popped. They all laughed and laughed. 

The ogglebog friends are running about on the green grass. They are covered in bubbles. There are bubbles in front of them, on top and all around them. They are all with big smiles. Rocco, Oddo and Beepo are holding bubble wands. In the distance, the striped box sits on the grass, opened.

Then Beepo said, “Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!”

“That’s a great idea, Beepo,” said Rocco. “We can make the biggest bubble ever seen on Planet Ogg!”

"Let’s try the giant bubble machine!" said Blobbo. 

Beepo set up the giant bubble machine and pressed the start button. Suddenly, the machine started shooting out bubbles the size of beach balls! The Ogglebog friends laughed and danced around, trying to catch the enormous bubbles, but every time they nearly caught one, it went POP!

“This is such fun,” said Coco, laughing.

“Having such a great time!” said Oddo. “Oooh, one just landed on my head!”

Then, Rocco grabbed a hula hoop and dipped it into the bubble mix. With a twirl and a whirl, Rocco lifted the hula hoop into the air. This made a huge bubble that covered the whole group of Ogglebog friends. 

They were all actually inside the giant bubble! 

The ogglebog friends are all floating inside a giant bubble which is lying on top of the green grass. They all have big smiles and have their arms outstretched. Rocco is holding a hula hoop. There are many little bubbles around, behind and inside the big bubble.

You might have heard giggling and laughing from inside the bubble as it floated around.

Just as they were trying to figure out how to pop the giant bubble, Pasto arrived, then accidentally stumbled and fell into the bubble. 

Pasto looked very surprised to be inside the bubble, but laughed when Blobbo said, “It’s like a bouncy castle in here!”

Then there was a great big “Meow! Meow!”

It was Frimble-Bop. The ogg dog looked at all the Ogglebog friends inside the giant bubble and barked again. “Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!” went Frimble-Bop and wagged both tails.

The ogg dog ran up to the giant bubble and, the next thing it knew, was inside it. Frimble-Bop jumped about full of joy and couldn’t stop barking happily.

Frimble-Bop is floating, arms, tongue and both tails flailing about. There are many little bubbles around Frimble-Bop

By now, all the Ogglebog friends were laughing their heads off, having such fun. 

Then, with a burst of laughter, they started to bounce inside the bubble, turning it into a giggly bouncy castle. They bounced higher and higher –  and guess what happened? The giant bubble burst with a spectacular ‘BOOM!’, sending them all tumbling to the ground in fits of laughter.

The bubble fun didn’t end there. Twinko had the brilliant idea to turn the bubble mix into bubble costumes. Every one of the Ogglebog friends and Pasto dipped themselves into the bubble mix. They jumped out, covered in shimmering bubbles. 

The Ogglebog friends have made bubble costumes. Twinko is fully covered in bubbles, except the feet. Rocco has a bubble nose shaped like a carrot, Oddo and Coco have bubble hair, Oddo is also holding some bubbles. Blobbo and Beepo have bubble hair and beards. They are all with big smiles.

Then, Blobbo felt a yawn coming on.

Beepo said, “Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!”

“No, Blobbo, don’t yawn!” said Coco.

“You might yawn up some bubbles and float away again!” said Oddo.

“I won’t yawn,” said Blobbo, “but I do feel quite hungry.”

Then it was time to pack away all the bubble-making things.

The Ogglebog friends carefully packed the bubble wands, the great big tub of bubble mix, the hula hoop and the giant bubble machine.

Rocco closed the lid. And just then, the box floated up in the air. Higher and higher it went until it went up above Bubble Mountain. Then it was gone.

Rocco and Twinko are both with big smiles as they watch the striped box float back into the sky.

“I think that must have been a special Bubble Mountain bubble box,” said Twinko.

Beepo said, “Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!”

“Yes, I wonder why it came here, Beepo?” said Rocco.

Then, Pasto said, “The box floats around in space. It always floats down to any planet that has a Bubble Mountain. This time, it was our Bubble Mountain. It was our turn to have some bubble fun!”

“Well, I’ve certainly had such a fun time,” said Coco.

“Me too,” said Oddo.

“Really good fun, wasn’t it?” said Pasto.

“Meow! Meow!” went Frimble-Bop, wagging a tail.

“All that bubble fun has made me extra hungry,” said Blobbo.

The ogglebog friends are all standing down the road of the ogglecafe with their arms around each other. Pasto and Frimble-Bop are with them too. They are all with big smiles. The ogglecafe sits in the distance behind them.

“All right, everyone, back to the Oggle Café for ogglecakes,” said Pasto with a great big smile. “You too, Frimble-Bop!”

“Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!” went Frimble-Bop. The ogg dog was so happy, it jumped around and wagged both its tails.

The End

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