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The Great Planet Ogg Munching Contest

It was another bright and sunny morning on Bubble Mountain.

Thank goodness it wasn’t raining, because it was the day of the Great Planet Ogg Munching Contest. The contest only happens every two years. Everyone would have been so disappointed if it was raining. 

Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko were at their usual table at the Oggle Café. They had just finished eating their favourite ogglecake breakfast.

Through a window, the Oggglebogs are sat around a table inside the Oggle cafe. The pink building has a yellow planet shape on top and the sky is dark blue with yellow stars,

“I feel a bit nervous,” said Blobbo. “I’d better not yawn up any oggfruits today!”

“Yes, they would think you were cheating, I suppose,” said Rocco.

“You’re only allowed to munch,” said Coco.

“And not yawn up the oggfruits,” said Oddo.

“I know, I know,” said Blobbo.

Now, this contest is all about oggfruits. You see, all Ogglebogs like to munch. And all Ogglebogs like munching oggfruits. These yummy fruits can’t be found anywhere else in the whole universe.

The munching contest is always held in the heart of Planet Ogg, in a little town called Munchville. The contest is run by the jolly old mayor of Munchville, Munchy Marvin – a completely round, blue Ogglebog, who is a bit like Blobbo, only much smaller. Marvin has a big smile and always wears a special shiny munching hat, shaped like a giant plim. Marvin always looks forward to the munching contest!

Munchy Marvin, a large blue round Ogglebog, walking along in a pink suit, wearing a yellow triangle hat. They are holding a ogglecake up in one hand and holding a cane in the other.

The day always ends with the Boranges Competition and the Munching Music Contest.

“I’m going to try the Boranges Competition,” said Twinko. “Boranges are yummy!”

“Boranges for me,” said Coco.

“Me too,” said Oddo. “My favourite.”

“I’ll try the Munching Music Contest,” said Blobbo. “I’d love to win that giant ogglecake!”

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“Oh, are you going to referee again, Beepo?” asked Rocco. “I’m going to try the Boranges Competition, too.”

“It’s a long way to Munchville,” said Twinko.

“That’s too far for me to slide,” said Oddo, looking sad.

“Too far for Oddo,” said Coco.

“Don’t worry, Oddo,” said Rocco. “We’ll catch the bus!”

“The Ogglebog Express?” asked Coco.

“Yes,” said Rocco, “it only runs once a year and today is the day! I’ve got tickets for us all.”

Pasto came out of the kitchen with six little boxes.

“Here are your packed lunches, everyone!” said Pasto, handing one to each of the Ogglebog friends. “And the giant ogglecake is on its way to the contest by Oggmobile Special Delivery.”

“Thank you, Pasto,” said Rocco.

They all went down Bubble Mountain and waited at the bus stop.

Soon, they all heard a ‘pop-pop-pop’ sound as the big orange bus arrived. The Ogglebog Express is a funny-looking bus, shaped like a triangle with a chimney sticking out of the top. Lots of little green bubbles pop out of the chimney as it goes along.

The Ogglebog friends helped each other onto the bus and got into their seats.

And then, with a ‘pop-pop-pop’, the bus set off.

The Ogglebog friends were so excited that they hardly noticed the journey.

Before they knew it, they had arrived in Munchville.

In Munchville's main square, a giant stage was set up with colourful banners and twinkling lights. Ogglebogs from all over Planet Ogg were there and the air was filled with excitement.

The Ogglebog friends went round the stalls and tried all the different kinds of oggfruits. There were even some ogglecakes, but they weren’t as nice as Pasto’s.

The Ogglebogs stood looking at different coloured food stalls.

“Oh, that reminds me,” said Rocco, “it's picnic time!”

“Ohhhh, yummy,” said Coco.

“Yum, yum,” said Oddo.

“Can’t wait!” said Twinko.

“I’m so hungry I could eat at least ten packed lunches,” said Blobbo, “and I’m a bit sleepy, too.”

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“You’d better not yawn,” said Rocco. “You know what can happen.”

“I won’t, don’t worry,” said Blobbo.

They all sat under a tree and ate the yummy packed lunch that Pasto had made for them. Some other Ogglebogs sat nearby and they all shared their packed lunches with one another.

Then, Munchy Marvin got up on the stage, wearing the shiny munching hat, and called out to the cheering crowd, “Welcome to the Great Planet Ogg Munching Contest! If you don’t win, it doesn’t matter, because you will have munched lots of yummy oggfruits!”

Munchy Marvin standing on a stage in front of lots of raised hands. Their arms are raised in the air and they are smiling.

The first contest was the Boranges Competition. Coco, Oddo, Twinko and Rocco took their positions on the stage. In front of each of them was a little table with lots of mouth-watering boranges on it.

At another little table was Asterro, the little orange star-shaped Ogglebog with moon-shaped glasses. Then there was Maxxo, the friendly giant purple Ogglebog, who had a tower of boranges. And Momo, the mischievous little Ogglebog, who looked a bit like a long yellow monkey. The crowd laughed when Momo balanced boranges on top of each other.

Beepo suddenly blew a whistle and Munchy Marvin said, “Let the munching begin!”

Multiple tables with blue boranges pile don top. Behind each table sits an ogglebog.

The audience watched in amazement as Coco, Oddo, Twinko and Rocco started munching away. Asterro took small, delicate bites. With a great big grin, Maxxo munched up every single borange in one go. Everyone laughed as Momo juggled the boranges before munching them up. Soon, everyone had munched up every last borange!

Beepo blew the whistle again. It was time for the highlight of the whole contest – the final round, which was called the Munching Music Contest. In this round, Ogglebogs had to do a musical performance while munching on their favourite oggfruits. The crowd roared with excitement!

Asterro brought out a mini piano and played a sweet tune, while nibbling on some plims. Maxxo hummed a funny tune, while munching on dotes. Momo grabbed some drums and thumped out a rhythm, while munching on opples.

Asterro, a yellow monkey, hits a drum set using sticks held in their hands and feet.

Then, it was Blobbo’s turn. Blobbo thought it might be a good idea to whistle while munching some pangerines.

Pangerines are a delicious fruit that look a bit, a bit like grapes, but they are green and taste of toffee. Trying to whistle while munching pangerines is very difficult. Have you ever tried it?

Blobbo started whistling a very nice tune, but it was impossible to munch at the same time.

Oh no, thought Blobbo, what am I going to do? I know, I’ll whistle first and then munch. Then whistle, then munch. That will do the trick! I do feel a bit sleepy, though.

All of a sudden, Blobbo felt a big yawn coming on.

I can’t yawn up the pangerines, as people will think I’m cheating, thought Blobbo. I know, I’ll think about ogglecakes – that will keep me awake! 

So, in between whistling, munching and thinking about ogglecakes, Blobbo finally munched up all the pangerines.

“Phew,” said Blobbo out loud.

Blobbo holding their belly while blowing air out of their mouth. An empty plate is on the table in front of them.

Beepo blew the whistle again. 

Munchy Marvin stepped back on the stage and said, “Ogglebogs all, it is my great pleasure to announce that you are all winners! Every one of you showed the true spirit of the Great Planet Ogg Munching Contest – the love of oggfruits and the fun of sharing together.”

The crowd cheered and clapped, and the contestants had big smiles on their faces. They knew that the real prize was the fun they’d had, as well as the new friends they’d made.

“And here’s something else for everyone to share,” said Munchy Marvin.

Maxxo brought out the giant ogglecake that Pasto had made.

When the crowd of Ogglebogs saw the giant ogglecake, they cheered and yelled with excitement!

Maxxo, a large purple ogglebog, holds above their head a huge ogglecake decorated with colourful flowers. Around them are the ogglebogs cheering.

They all had an amazing time having fun with new friends and munching slices of Pasto’s giant ogglecake.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye. And time for the Ogglebog friends to catch the Ogglebog Express home.

Six very tired Ogglebogs climbed aboard. Almost as soon as the bus pop-pop-popped down the road, they were all fast asleep.

Bloboo, Twinko, Coco, Beepo and Oddo are all sat on the bus seat cuddled up sleeping together. Rocco is sat up against the seat asleep on the floor.

The End

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