Animated Cover The Ogglebogs Episode 20 Spice Invaders Cover
Animated Cover The Ogglebogs Episode 20 Spice Invaders Cover

Spice Invaders

One sunny morning, Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko were waiting for their delicious Ogglecake breakfast. They were at their usual table at the Oggle Café on Bubble Mountain.

Blobbo said, “Do you know what, I think Pasto’s Ogglecakes get tastier and tastier!”

“Maybe Pasto has got new ingredients,” said Coco.

“Nope, just opples, dotes and plims,” said Oddo. “Plus, his usual special Oggspice.”

Blobbo, Oddo and Beepo sit at the table eating Ogglecakes.

“Well, I think they are so tasty,” said Blobbo, “I could yawn up a whole plateful!”

Oddo looked out of the window and said, "Look up there, up there in the sky!"

Rocco looked and said, "Blazing bananas, what’s that?”

“Where?” asked Coco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“Yes, Beepo, it’s a spacecraft!” said Rocco.

“Is it our friends Splish and Splosh?” asked Blobbo.

“No, it’s the wrong shape,” said Rocco.

Now, you might remember that Splish and Splosh travelled in a great big flying carrot. This rocket didn’t look anything like a great big flying carrot.

“I bet it’s a flying saucer, I’ve heard of those,” said Twinko.

Rocco looked again and then said, “It’s not a flying saucer. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a flying teacup! Blazing bananas, a flying teacup!”

Rocco and Twinko stand looking out of the window. Outside a blue teacup shaped rocket lands on bubble mountain.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“Yes, Beepo, a bright blue flying teacup,” said Coco, “And it’s coming down to land.”

Down came the blue teacup-shaped rocket. It landed at the bottom of Bubble Mountain. The rocket made a horrible noise. It sounded like someone blowing their nose, only very loudly. The Ogglebog friends could hear it up at the café.

“Eeeeeew,” said Oddo

“Yes, eeeeeew,” said Coco

"It’s not Splish and Splosh," said Twinko.

"I wonder why they’ve landed here?" said Rocco.

As the Ogglebog friends watched, three little aliens came out of their rocket. They looked like raspberries on legs and made squeaks as they walked.

The three little aliens raced up Bubble Mountain and burst into the café.

Just at that moment Pasto came out of the kitchen. He was carrying a tray of freshly baked Ogglecakes. He was so surprised to see the little aliens that he dropped the lot on the floor.

Pasto falls on the floor with ogglecakes flying through the air. The door is open and three little pink aliens stand in the doorway.

Blobbo was really cross.

“You made Pasto drop our Ogglecakes,” Blobbo shouted, “And I’m really hungry!”

One of the aliens yelled out, “Grab those cakes, yah?

The little aliens picked all the Ogglecakes up off the floor. Then they all ran out, with their funny squeaking noise.

The Ogglebogs were amazed at what had just happened. No-one on Planet Ogg did things like that.

Soon, Pasto came out with another tray of Ogglecakes.

“Thank goodness, Pasto,” said Blobbo, “My tummy has nearly forgotten what it’s for!”

“I hope those little aliens don’t come back,” said Pasto, “I was so surprised, I might have to go and have a lie down.”

Just as the Ogglebogs were about to start munching, the little aliens burst into the café again.

They squeaked over to the Ogglebog friends and grabbed Rocco’s Ogglecake.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“That’s right, Beepo, no-one snatches our Ogglecakes,” said Oddo.

“No-one,” said Coco.

“Right, this is what happens when you snatch an Ogglebog’s Ogglecakes,” said Blobbo.

Blobbo got up from the table and did the biggest yawn anyone had ever seen. Suddenly all three little aliens were yawned up inside Blobbo’s tummy.

Blobbo mouth is open and the three little aliens are being sucked into it.

The Ogglebog friends heard voices coming from inside Blobbo’s tummy, “Let us out, let us out!”

“Promise you won’t snatch any more Ogglecakes?” asked Rocco.

“Snatching other people’s Ogglecakes isn’t very nice, you know,” said Twinko.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“We promise, yah” said a voice inside Blobbo’s tummy.

“Un-yawn, please Blobbo,” said Rocco.

Blobbo did a massive un-yawn and the three little aliens plopped out onto the floor.

“I didn’t like that much,” said the first alien.

“I didn’t either,” said the second alien.

Blobbo holds his tummy. The three aliens sit on the floor covered in water.

“Well, we didn’t like you just snatching our Ogglecakes,” said Twinko.

“But we need them, we need them, yah?” said the third alien.

“Why do you need Ogglecakes? I need them for my breakfast and they are my favourite,” said Blobbo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“But why do you aliens need them?” asked Coco.

The first alien said, “Long ago, on our planet….”

Oddo interrupted, “What’s your planet called?”

The first alien said, “Our planet is called, like, Pip.”

“Planet Pip, I like the sound of that,” said Twinko.

Oddo said, “Sorry for interrupting.”

“Never mind,” said the first alien, “Long ago on Planet Pip we had, like, two suns and three moons.”

The three aliens stand beneth a red and green planet.

“And the weather was never, like, too hot, yah?” said the second alien.

“Or too cold,” said the third alien.

“But, you see, the sun has got hotter on our planet in the last few years,” said the first alien.

“We have got, like, delicate skin you see, and we get sunburn all the time now,” said the second alien.

“Then we heard about Oggspice,” said the first alien.

“We need the spice to, like, make a special cream for our skins,” said the second alien.

“So, we thought we could get the Oggspice from your Ogglecakes,” said the third alien.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“That’s right, Beepo, you can’t just land here and snatch things,” said Rocco, “You have to ask nicely.”

“We’re sorry. Please can we, like, have some Oggspice?” said the first alien.

Oddo said, “We had better ask Pasto.”

Pasto came out of the kitchen.

Blobbo said, “Pasto, can these little aliens have some Oggspice, please?”

“Are they going to make Ogglecakes?” asked Pasto.

“Please,” said the first alien, “Your special spice will stop us from getting sunburn.”

“We mix it up with oil from the Groggle Trees on our planet and it makes a sun cream, yah?” said the second alien.

“Back in a minute,” said Pasto, and went into his kitchen.

He came back with a great big bag full of Oggspice.

The three aliens are handed a brown sack.

“Oh, that’s mega-brill, yah?” said the first alien.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz!” said Beepo.

“I don’t know what he’s talking about, either, Beepo,” said Twinko, “But they seem pleased.”

“Ever so thanks, yah? That will keep us going, for, like, years!” said the second alien.

Rocco said, “Before you fly off, would you like to join us for an Ogglecake breakfast?”

Blobbo said, “more, like, Ogglecakes, please Pasto, yah?”

Rocco laughed and said, “don’t you start, Blobbo!”

Blobbo, Rocco and the aliens sit at the table. Ogglecakes are in the middle of the table.

The End

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