The Ogglebogs Episode 2 Children's Story Book Cover

Episode 2 - Buckets Of Custard

Original Series    3-5 yrs    8 mins  •  5/5

In Episode 1 we met Rocco and friends. And Blobbo had accidentally swallowed all of the bath custard. In this episode we’ll follow Rocco and Blobbo on their adventure to the bucket cave. Or read our other spectacular bedtime stories.

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Episode 2 - Buckets Of Custard​

Far, far away, in deepest, darkest outer space is a very strange planet called Ogg. And the little aliens who live here are called Ogglebogs.

Now, you might well ask what in blazing bananas are Ogglebogs? Well, they are the friendliest little aliens you could ever find. Some are big, some small, some thin and some tall, some round and some fluffy. 

At the Oggle Café, bestest Ogglebog friends Rocco, Blobbo, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko, have just finished their favourite breakfast of Ogglecakes.

That morning Blobbo had been having a bath of purple custard when a great big yawn came and all of a sudden the custard had gone.

Blobbo in the bath

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