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The Ogglebogs Episode 12 A Surprise Day Cover Cover

A Surprise Day

One bright, sunny morning, Blobbo woke up and did a great big yawn. “There’s something important on my mind,” Blobbo thought and yawned again. “But what is it?”

Blobbo sat in a bath of purple custard, thinking hard and yawning. “Oooooh, I’d better not yawn up any of my bath custard. I’ve done that before, silly old me!”

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Blobbo was always hungry. “That’s it! That’s the ‘something important’ on my mind! I need breakfast and my favourite food is Ogglecakes!” 

But on the way to the Oggle Café, Blobbo looked worried and thought, “Oooooh, I just know there’s something else important about today. I wish I knew what it was.”

You’ll remember that the Ogglebog friends always had breakfast at the Oggle Café. The café was at the top of Bubble Mountain. And Pasto the baker made the best Ogglecakes on the whole of Planet Ogg.

On the way, as Blobbo went past the mushmallow forest, an idea came. “Now I remember! Today is Plumday! And Plumday is the day I change my bath custard! Yes, it’s Plumday! Oh, wait – maybe it’s Hattersday... Oh, now I don’t know what day it is!”

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As you know, Ogg is a funny little planet, far, far away in outer space. The days of the week on planet Ogg are a bit different there. There’s Plumday, Mewsday, Hensday, Fursday, Myday, Hattersday and Humday.

Blobbo kept thinking while walking to the Oggle Café. Then all of a sudden, high up in the sky, a great big carrot-shaped rocket floated by. The rocket had a parachute coming out of the top and it was slowly coming down to land. 

The Ogglebogs Episode 12 A Surprise Day Image 3

“Oooh, those are our friends Splish and Splosh from Planet Flurp,” thought Blobbo. “Maybe they’ll know what day it is?”

Blobbo finally arrived at the Oggle Café. Rocco, Coco, Oddo, Beepo and Twinko were all sitting at their usual table.

“Hello, Blobbo,” said Rocco.

Blobbo said, “Our friends Splish and Splosh just landed. After breakfast we can all go and say ‘hello’.”

“Nice day, isn’t it?” said Twinko.

“I can’t remember,” said Blobbo.

“Remember what?” said Twinko.

“What day it is,” said Blobbo. 

The Ogglebogs Episode 12 A Suprise Day Image 4

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“No Beepo, it’s Mewsday, silly!” Rocco giggled.

“I think it’s Hensday,” said Twinko.

“Blazing bananas, Twinko, it can’t be Hensday. That was yesterday, wasn’t it?” asked Rocco.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“No, Beepo, yesterday was Hattersday!” said Oddo.

“I happen to know that on Hattersdays we always play at the berry-go-round and the ground-about,” said Rocco. “But we didn’t do that yesterday, did we?”

“I went backwards and forwards on the spring,” said Twinko.

“I went on the hee-haw,” said Coco. “And it was definitely Mewsday.”

The Ogglebogs Episode 12 A Surprise Day Image 5

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

You know what? Not one of the Ogglebogs could actually remember what day it was! 

Then Blobbo said, “Let’s ask Splish and Splosh.”

After they had all finished their breakfasts, they went down Bubble Mountain. There at the bottom were Splish and Splosh. They were using bath-custard buckets to collect water from the Treetaps.

Rocco said, “Twinko, you speak Flurp. So can you please ask them what day it is today?”

Twinko went over to Splish and Splosh and said, “Plip, plurp, foop, cromp?”

Splish said, “Plick, plack, plook!”

Twinko asked, “Ploop, plenk, goom?” 

Splosh said, “Grimp.” Then both the aliens laughed and laughed.

The Ogglebogs Episode 12 A Surprise Day Image 6

“What did they say, Twinko?” asked Blobbo.

Twinko said, “I told them on Planet Ogg there’s Plumday, Mewsday, Hensday, Fursday, Myday, Hattersday and Humday. And they told me that on most planets the days are called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday”

“They said all that with the word ‘grimp’?” asked Oddo.

“Bzzz, bzzzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“Did they say today is Thursday?” asked Rocco.

Blobbo got very excited and said, “Thursday sounds a bit like Fursday... Wait a minute, that’s what I was trying to remember! I forgot all about Fursday! Today is Fursday!”

Rocco said, “Twinko, please thank them and tell them we will see them both again very soon!”

Twinko waved at Splish and Splosh and said, “Gromp.”

Then Blobbo said, “Ooooh, now I remember the other thing that was on my mind. More breakfast!”

Pasto was waiting for them when they all got back to the Oggle Café. 

Oddo said,. “Pasto, guess what they call the days of the week on Planet Flurp?”

Pasto said, “Tell me, tell me!”

“Let’s see if I can remember,” said Rocco.

“I’ll start,” said Twinko. “Monday!”

“Then Tuesday,” said Oddo.

“Wednesday was next,” said Coco.

“Bzz, bzz,” said Beepo.

“That’s right, Beepo. The next one was Thursday,” said Rocco.

“Then Friday was the next day,” said Twinko.

“After that was Saturday,” said Blobbo.

“And the last day was Sunday,” said Coco.

Then all the Ogglebogs laughed and laughed!

The Ogglebogs Episode 12 A Surprise Day Image 7

“I think our words are much easier to remember!” said Rocco.

Then Pasto laughed and said, “It doesn’t matter what day it is because every day is Ogglecake day!”

“That’s true, Pasto,” said all the Ogglebogs. “And we’d all like a second breakfast, please!”

The End

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